Stainless steel 316LVM round bar

Stainless Steel 316LVM Round Bar

There are industrial standards that aspire for stainless steel 316LVM round bar because of the corrosion resistance that it offers. This property is delivered when it is remelts. This is also done to provide a micro structure that is ferrite free.

Adding to this, the corrosion resistance behaviour is shown also because of the presence of high contents of nickel.

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ASTM F138 UNS S31673 rod and DIN 1.4441 flat bars suppliers in UAE

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Stainless steel 316lvm round bar specification

Stainless steel 316lvm round bar specification

Stainless steel 316LVM round bar thickness ASTM F138 stainless steel 316LVM rods length SS 316LVM bar width
  • 5 to 25 mm
  • Random
  • Fix
  • Cut Length
  • 25 to 510 mm
Finish ASTM F138 SS 316LVM bar equivalent material UNS S31673 round bar mechanical properties
  • BA Finish
  • NO.4 Finish
  • Bright Polished
  • UNS S31673
  • WNR. 1.4441
  • Tensile Strength : 85 ksi
  • Yield Strength : 36 ksi
  • Elongation : 57%
316 LVM stainless steel round bar density SS 316LVM square bar cutting Testing methods
  • 7.92 g/cm3
  • Laser Cutting
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Shearing
  • Precision Cold Saw Cutting
  • Flaring test
  • Micro test
  • Flattening test
  • Ultrasonic test
  • Macro test
  • IGC test
  • PMI test
  • Hardness test
UNS S31673 hot rolled bar hardness Processing Packing
  • Rockwell B : 88 HRB
  • Boring
  • Custom Rerolling
  • Edging
  • Leveling
  • Heat Treating
  • Trepanning
  • Wodden box
  • Standard packaging
  • Bundles
Thermal properties Standard Certifications
  • Thermal Expansion : 16.5 mm /m /°C
  • Thermal Conductivity : 16.3W.m -1.°K-1
  • EN
  • ASTM
  • GB
  • ASME
  • GOST
  • DIN
  • JIS
  • EN 10204 3.1/3.2
  • NACE MR 0103
  • PED 2014/68/EC
  • NACE MR 0175
Specification Operating temperature Modulus of Elasticity
  • ASTM F138
  • -200 °C to 300 °C
  • -330 °F to 570 °F
  • 195 GPa

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It is very important for industrial standards to be very clear with what demands does stainless steel 316LVM rectangular bar delivers.

When using this material for high scale industrial applications, it offers excellent weldability and workability. Adding to this, it also offers excellent resistance to most corrosive environments. Also, these products are tested as per the testing standards. The flexibility of revealing these data also assured top notch quality for end users.

NDT testing is good to evaluate the integrity of stainless steel 316LVM hex bar and square bar

For maintaining the integrity and assuring non-degraded performance for 316LVM hex bar, we perform testing methods. Such steps are also taken to assure product genuineness to an end user.

For this, non-destructive testing is the most suitable testing standards that is considered to provide accurate results. Under this, manufacturing units do not alter the physical aspects of the material and evaluate performance and quality of the material.

SS 316LVM bright bar and UNS S31673 hot rolled bar stock available in Peeled or Turned Ground condition

SS 316LVM bright bar are widely available for use case in the form of turned ground or peeled conditions.

Why so? This is because for such material, no heat treatment is required. Hence, with the help of a tungsten carbide die, UNS S31673 hot rolled bar are pickled and are drawn.

Adding to this, bars which are bright also have accurate tolerance characteristics, in association with brighter surface.

Wide range of SS 316LVM cold rolled round bars and 316LVM rods diameters to suit your engineering requirements

Main applications of ASTM F138 SS 316LVM cold rolled round bars are seen in machinery parts and medical implants. This is because for such industries, strength characteristics and corrosion are a huge challenge. This material helps them to resolve most of the problems. Adding to this, they can be equipped for use case up to temperatur

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Stainless steel 316lvm round bar properties