Stainless steel 316ti pipe

Stainless Steel 316TI Pipe

What is stainless steel 316ti pipe?

Stainless steel pipes are made up of various alloys. The 316 is austenitic stainless steel made up of chromium, nickel, and other alloying elements. The Stainless steel 316ti pipe has titanium added to the composition. The nickel content is 10 to 14% and the carbon content is 0.08%. The titanium continent is five times the sum of nickel and carbon content in percentage. This makes the pipes extremely strong, corrosion-resistant, creep-resistant, and pitting-resistant.

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Stainless Steel 316Ti Pipe Specification

Stainless Steel 316Ti Pipe Properties

ss 316ti vs 316l

The different variations of the metal are made up of different compositions. The 316l has low carbon up to 0.03% in the composition and has no titanium in it. The SS 316ti Welded Pipe has an outer diameter range from 5mm to 1219.2mm and a wall thickness of 0.5mm to 20mm.

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What is 316ti stainless steel pipe density?

The density of any piping material depends on the composition of the material. The 316ti stainless steel pipe density is 8000kg per m3. The pipes also have 205MPa and 515MPa tensile strength. With the high density, high corrosion resistance, and up to 45% elongation without break.

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Is ss 316ti pipes corrosion resistant?

Titanium is a naturally strong and corrosion-resistant metal. The ss 316ti pipes have titanium added which improves the corrosion resistance. The alloy also has nickel and chromium. The 10% minimum nickel makes the pipes corrosion-resistant against mild acids. The chromium content of 18% makes the Stainless Steel 316ti Seamless pipe have good oxidation resistance. This allows the pipes to perform better at general corrosive services. The WNR 1.4571 Seamless pipe forms a patina, which is an oxide layer on the surface. As soon as the surface is damaged or scratched or made new from the factory, the patina forms as a result of a reaction with the oxygen in the air. This layer acts as a barrier to additional reactions. The patina protects UNS S31635 welded pipe from additional corrosion.

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What are 316ti seamless pipe material properties?

316ti stainless steel pipe supplier produces pipes in round, square, and rectangular shapes. The pipes are produced as electric fusion welded, seamless, electric resistance welded, and other by other methods. The pipes also have schedules ranging from 5 through XXS based on the wall thicknesses. The 316ti Seamless Pipe has 2-3% molybdenum in the content which helps with the elasticity and ductility of the pipes as well. The pipes look mostly white and can be annealed or electropolished.

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Is ss 316ti pipe is expensive than ss 304 pipes?

Yes, the material has more nickel, molybdenum, and titanium in the composition. This makes the SS 316ti pipe more expensive than the 304 grade. The pipes have different wall thicknesses and their temperature and pressure capacities range with the wall thicknesses as well. The price of the Grade 316ti ERW Pipe can also depend on the type of value-added work done on the pipes.