Stainless steel 321h pipe

Stainless Steel 321H Pipe

What is stainless steel 321h pipe?

A variety of piping materials are used to produce pipes. These different piping materials are chosen based on the requirements of different applications. The materials have standards and grades which also mandate the composition and the use cases. Stainless Steel 321H Pipe is made up of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. This is also known as one of the 18/8 austenitic stainless sheets of steel. The pipes can range from ⅛ inches to 12 inches in outer diameter for seamless pipes. There are also welded pipes in the same grade which range up to 36 inches. The composition includes sulfur, nitrogen, silicon, carbon, phosphorus, and 2% manganese with titanium. This unique combination brings about some unique properties to the pipes as well.

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Stainless Steel 321H Pipe Specification

Stainless Steel 321H Pipe Properties

Stainless steel 321 vs 321h

The 321 material can be toughened by adding more carbon to the composition. While the 321 grade has only up to 0.08% carbon in the composition, the ss 321h pipe has up to 0.1% carbon. This means the high-carbon versions can withstand more abrasion and are harder. However, welding is difficult on the WNR 1.4878 Welded pipe due to the high carbon content and carbide formation during welding is possible.

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What is the machinability rating of the ss 321h pipe?

Machining becomes less easy on the ss 321h pipe because of the high toughness created by the high carbon content. Machining operations such as turning, cutting, drilling, and milling can be performed better on the 321 grade than on the 321H stainless steel pipe. If hot forming conditions are involved, then 304 grade is a better alternative.

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Can you bend the uns s32109 seamless pipe?

Yes, bending is possible but the toughness makes it more difficult than the bending that could be performed on a 321 pipe. The 321 grade has titanium, columbium, and molybdenum which provide some flexibility, ductility, and elongation to the products. But the UNS S32109 Seamless pipe has added carbon to improve toughness. So the pipes are tough and take time and force to bend the pipes. Also, the bending operation has limitations.

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Why aisi 321h seamless pipe is used for high-temperature service?

The material has about 1400° Celsius melting point which enables it to handle high temperatures. The added carbon in the AISI 321h seamless pipe enables high-temperature resistance. The pipe can operate at temperatures exceeding 538° Celsius. Since the oxidation and corrosion possibilities are low, the material is highly suitable for high-temperature services.

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What is the melting range of ss 321h welded pipe?

The melting point of the material ranges from 1350° to 1450° Celsius. The range is due to the carbon content. The stainless steel grade 321h Welded pipe has a range allowed for the carbon content. It could be anywhere from 0.04% to 0.1%. The different suppliers can have different carbon levels in their products and the level of carbon will decide which side of the spectrum the pipes will stand on.