Stainless steel 347 forged fittings

Stainless steel 347 forged fittings

What are stainless steel 347 forged fittings?

The ASTM A182 F347 material is a niobium stabilized austenitic stainless steel that has chromium and nickel in its chemical composition. The Stainless Steel 347 Forged Fittings offer corrosion resistance which is quite similar to that of 304/304L grade stainless steel. The fittings are ideal for use in temperatures between 800-1500 degrees F. It is stabilised against chromium carbide precipitation, due to the addition of niobium. The SS 347 Forged Fittings are known for their high intergranular corrosion resistance when exposed to the given temperature range. It also shows high creep and stress rupture properties compared to 304/304L grades. The 347 Stainless Steel Forged Fittings have great low temperature toughness and they stay non-magnetic in the annealed condition.

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Stainless steel 347 forged fittings specification

Stainless steel 347 forged fittings material

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Different quality control standards while manufacturing AISI 347 socket weld fittings

Different quality control standards while manufacturing SS 347 Socket Weld Fittings are:

  • Raw material Testing
  • Visual Stage Inspection
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Technical Comparison and other tests

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Advantages and disadvantages of UNS S34700 threaded bushing

The Stainless Steel 347 Threaded Fittings or threaded bushing are widely used in places where assembling and disassembling occur quite commonly. They are ideally used in applications that require fastening a part to the fixture plate and it can be tested multiple times.

The downside of using SA182 F347 threaded bushing is that it has higher cost than standard drilling and tapping. It also does not have high strength and takes a long time to install.

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What is 347 ss socket weld fittings used for?

The 347 Ss Socket Weld Fittings are used for high temperature applications including pressure vessels, furnace, and furnace heating equipment. The 347 Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fittings can also be found in thermowells.

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Can BSP threaded SA 182 Gr F347 threaded union be used with NPT threaded pipe?

The BSP threaded SA 182 F347 Fittings are generally not compatible with NSP threaded pipes because of the difference in their thread forms. They also have different included angles.

Do not accept orders for DIN 1.4550 threaded boss/ lateral tee and ASTM A182 Gr F347 socket weld union without MTC or ultrasonic test results.

What are the parts of a pipe thread in EN 1.4550 threaded elbow?

The EN 1.4550 threaded elbow is a type of ASTM A182 F347 Forged Fittings that comes with threaded ends. The pipe has the male threaded, the elbow has female, and they join together to form a piping connection.