Stainless steel 347 round bar

Stainless Steel 347 Round Bar

347 round bar and 347 stainless steel bar suppliers in UAE

This bar is a type of stainless steel alloy which combines chromium, nickel and other elements for superior performance and resistance to corrosion. This alloy offers higher levels of oxidation and stress corrosion cracking resistance. Its superior temperature tolerance makes it ideal for uses such as cryogenic applications and high-temperature processing equipment, while its high corrosion resistance allows it to be used in many industries including medical and pharmaceuticals, chemical plants, and more. Stainless Steel 347 Round Bar can be readily cold worked into components like screws, bolts, nuts and fasteners without the need for heat treatment or surface treatment.

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SS 347 round bar size range, composition and properties

Stainless steel 347 round bar specification

Stainless steel 347 round bar properties

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This bar is a highly corrosion-resistant alloy, and as such, it has a wide variety of uses in many different industries. This material is commonly used to make valve stems and flanges due to its excellent resistance to high temperatures and oxidation. The 347 stainless steel bars are often employed as structural components due to their superior ability to withstand high temperatures and corrosive environments. This material is also regularly used in cookware, pharmaceutical equipment, marine applications, and many other industries. The versatility of this alloy makes it an excellent choice for many applications.

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At what temperature does 347 round bar get weak?

This bar is a heat-resistant stainless steel grade, and its ability to retain strength in extreme temperatures makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Its temperature strength begins to weaken when temperatures exceed about 1177°C (2150°F). It also has a lower critical temperature rating, which is 871°C (1600°F). At any temperature above this, a 347-round bar will experience an accelerated reduction in tensile and yield strength. Additionally, the use of 347 round bars at high temperatures can result in reduced ductility, decreased toughness and loss of corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel 347 hollow bar and forged bar are used in various applications such as shafts, bushings, spacers, and bolts

How do you calculate maximum and minimum shear stress of 347 round bar?

Calculating the maximum and minimum shear stress of this Round Bar is a simple yet essential process for many engineering applications. To do so, it’s necessary to use the torsional shear stress equation. This can be calculated as T_max = 6*T*r/J and T_min = -6*T*r/J.

In these equations, “T” stands for the applied torque on the round bar, “r” is its radius, and “J” is its polar moment of inertia.

After calculating these values, one can compare them with any existing design requirements to decide if a 347 Stainless Steel Round Bar meets them or not.

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How to weld 347 stainless steel round bar?

Clean the surfaces of the round bar with a stainless steel wire brush. Once all rust, dirt and oils are removed, the area should then be wiped down with acetone. Next, preheat the material to 450-500°F using an oxy-acetylene torch. Now, gradually work your way up to 900-1100°F until all of the chromium carbides have been dissolved in the heat-affected zone. Finally, weld as normal using Argon shielding gas and a suitable filler rod for type 347 SS Bar such as an ER347 rod. Be sure to allow adequate time for cooling down after each weld passes.