Stainless steel 347h forged fittings

Stainless steel 347h forged fittings

What are stainless steel 347h forged fittings?

The Stainless Steel 347H is the high carbon version of the 347 grade ss. It comes with enhanced creep resistance and high strength at temperatures going above 537 degrees C. The Stainless Steel 347H Forged Fittings show similar corrosion resistance and protection as that of alloy 347. The SA182 F347h material can be found in heavy welding equipment when annealing is not possible. The SS 347H Forged Fittings show good oxidation resistance, which is at par with most other grades of austenitic stainless steel. Also, the higher carbon content in the AISI 347h material allows high temperature creep properties. Due to the properties found in 347H Stainless Steel Forged Fittings, they are used in applications like boiler tubes, oil and gas refinery piping, superheaters, exchangers tubes, and other high temperature services.

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Stainless steel 347h forged fittings specification

Stainless steel 347h forged fittings material

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How To Identify BSP Threads on 347h ss threaded fittings?

The BSP thread in Stainless Steel 347H Threaded Fittings can be identified by their form and flank angle. It comes with a 55 degree flank angle, with rounded peaks and valleys.

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Why use UNS S34709 socket weld fittings over threaded fittings?

The SS 347H Socket Weld Fittings are connected to the pipe by filet welding and hence they offer better leakage proofing than the threaded fittings.

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What are various heat treatments which can be given to 347h stainless steel socket weld fittings?

The 347H Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fittings are manufactured by the forging process, followed by heat treatment and machining the solid steel according to ASME B16.11 and other dimensional standard.

Check ASTM A182 Grade F347h forged bushing and SS 347h threaded half/ full coupling specification and chemical properties

How to measuare pitch size in SUS 347h threaded union?

The pitch size of the threaded SA 182 F347H Fittings like threaded union can be measured with the help of pitch gauge.

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Advantages of EN 1.4961 socket weld tee manufactured by open die forging process?

The benefits of manufacturing 347H Ss Socket Weld Fittings by open die forging are as follows:

  • It shows better fatigue resistance
  • It helps with continuous grain flow
  • The micro-structure of the ASTM A182 F347H Forged Fittings will be better
  • It possesses increased strength
  • Less material is wasted in the process
  • It comes with a longer part life