Stainless steel 410 pipe

Stainless Steel 410 Pipe

What is stainless steel 410 pipes?

This particular grade of pipe is made through cold drawing, electric fusion welding, or electric resistance welding. The material has carbon, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, and 13% chromium and nickel in the composition. This composition gives the stainless steel 410 pipe 275MPa minimum yield strength and 489MPa tensile strength. The material also has a 16% elongation at break. The pipe dimensions range from 0.5 inches to 16 inches in outer diameter, the wall thicknesses range from 0.5mm to 20mm with schedules ranging from schedule 20 to XXS.

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Stainless Steel 410 Pipe Specification

Stainless Steel 410 Pipe Properties

Which is better 304 or 410 stainless steel?

The 300 series material cannot be heat treated to improve hardness, while the 400 series can be heat treated. The 410 stainless pipe has ten times less nickel than the 304 steel. The 304 has about 8% nickel whereas the 410 has only 0.75% nickel. The chromium content of the AISI 410 seamless pipe is also lower at 13%, 5% less than the 304 steel. So it loses some corrosion resistance and ductility compared to the 304 pipes.

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What is annealed hardness range of ss 410 pipes?

The annealing of the material is done at 982° Celsius temperature. The hardness range is 81HRB and the yield strength of the ss 410 pipe at this annealed condition is 313MPa. The material has high hardness and strength but is low in corrosion resistance. The material can withstand atmospheric corrosion and some general corrosive environments.

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410 stainless steel vs 316

The yield strength of the 410 material is in the range of 290 to 580 MPa while the yield strength of the 316 ranges between 230 to 850 MPa. The 410 ss pipe suppliers produce this material as an alternative to the 316 where much corrosion resistance is not needed, but strength is needed. The stainless steel grade 410 Welded pipe can be heat treated to improve its hardness. But the 316 pipes cannot be heat treated to improve their hardness.

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What is the annealing temperature of 410 stainless steel pipe?

410 stainless steel pipe has 7740kg/m3 density and good thermal conductivity. The melting range of the material is in the range of 1400 to 1530° Celsius. The ss 410 seamless pipes have high-temperature resistance and they can be hardened to improve strength through annealing. The annealing process is conducted at 982° Celsius. The improved hardness can range up to 96Rb max. The 410 stainless pipe can also be hot-formed, machined, and welded at appropriate conditions. The welding procedure is difficult due to the increased martensitic structure of the ss 410 pipe. However, welding can be performed with post-weld heat treatment to make sure that the final product is stable with all expected properties of the grade.

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What are the delivery conditions of ss 410 seamless pipe

410 stainless steel pipe can be delivered as bright annealed, cold drawn, polished, annealed, or pickled. All these different methods can be performed with different requirements. The various methods include polishing, grooving, and others which are performed at the request of the customer.