Stainless Steel 904L Fasteners

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Stainless Steel 904L Fasteners

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What are stainless steel 904L fasteners?

These fasteners are austenitic stainless steel alloys with superior pitting and crevice corrosion resistance. Adding molybdenum to the alloy makes Stainless Steel 904L Fasteners resilient to localized attacks from chlorides and reduces attacks. The best feature is Grade 904L is its resistance to all concentrations of sulphuric acid. By adding copper to its chemical composition, the material improves its corrosion resistance properties.

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Stainless Steel 904l Fasteners Specifications

Stainless Steel 904l Fasteners Properties

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Stainless steel 904L threaded bolt vs UNS N08904 hex head bolt

While both bolt types are threaded, the main difference is the threading length on their shank. A threaded bolt will always have threads from its head. A UNS N08904 hex head bolt will have threads emerging from the centre or lower from its head.

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Applications of stainless steel 904L hex nuts

These hex nuts are a part of applications involving chemical processing viz – phosphate-based fertilizers. Their resistance to sulphuric acid makes them suited to applications such as the processing of minerals, the production of detergents & cleaning agents, wastewater processing and the paper industry.

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Advantages of 904L stainless steel bolts and nuts

The performance of grade 904L stainless steel bolts and nuts is better than 304 or 316 under some conditions. Compared to them, 904L has better resistance to chlorine-related stress corrosion cracking. The alloy is also resilient to most organic and inorganic acids like hot phosphoric acid.