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stainless steel 904L flange

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What are stainless steel 904L flange?

904L is an austenitic grade of stainless steel. It is notably softer than 316L grade, but it has added molybdenum in its chemical composition which enhances its corrosion resistance properties. The Stainless Steel 904l Flanges can effectively resist localized attacks by chlorides and it can also withstand reducing acids. The 904L Stainless Steel Flanges also have copper added, which enables it to resist sulphuric acid environment. Thus, it can be said that the 904L SS Flanges can resist a wide range of service environments. Due to these properties, the SA 182 904L Plate Flange is extensively used in the process industry for producing sulfate-based fertilizers.

The SA 182 F904L WNRF Flange has limited usage with hydrochloric acids. The A182 F904L Slip On Flange shows high resistance to pitting in the chloride solutions. The ASTM A182 Grade F904L Threaded Flange can also resist crevice and stress corrosion cracking. As the alloy of 904L Stainless Steel Industrial Flange contains high quantities of nickel and molybdenum, it shows enhanced properties. The UNS N08904 Screwed Flange can also resist the precipitation of ferrite and sigma phase on welding and cooling The A182 Gr F904L Ring Type Joint Flange does not shows any signs of intercrystalline corrosion on welding or cooling due to their low carbon content. However, the F904L stainless steel Orifice Flange can attain a maximum service temperature of 450 degrees C.

The SUS 904L Socket Weld Flange material is non-magnetic and it possesses high weldability and formability. The AISI 904L Reducing Flange is also known for its enhanced toughness. The SA 182 Gr F904L Spectacle Blind Flange contains high quantities of expensive content in its chemical composition, such as molybdenum and copper, and thus, it is quite costly too. Due to its high cost, the 904L SS Weld Neck Flange is now replaced with the cheaper alternatives, like 2205 duplex stainless steel. The SS 904L Lapped joint Flange is also found in seawater cooling equipment and gas washing machines.

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SS 904l Flanges specification, chemical composition and mechanical properties

Stainless Steel 904l Flanges Specification

Stainless Steel 904l Flanges Properties

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How strong is ss 904l blind flange?

The SA182 F904L Blind Flange comes with a Rockwell Hardness value of less than 95, which is very typical for most grades of stainless steel. However, it is capable of withstanding most of the forces, which is very crucial.

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What are the manufacturing methods of ss 904l forged flange?

The ASTM A182 904L Forged Flange is manufactured by heating the steel billet. It is then compressed with the help of a press, power hammer, or die to give it the desired shape. This procedure helps in the development of continuous grain flow, which enhances the strength of the flange.

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What is the difference between SS 904L Ring Type Joint Flange and Lapped joint Flange?

The Inox 904L RTJ Flange looks like a metallic ring that comes with a deep groove and cuts on its face. The groove can rest on the metal ring that gets compressed when the connecting bolts of the flange are tightened. This ensures leakage-free and close fitting seals on the connection.
The ASTM A182 F904L Lap Joint Flange comes with a two-component assembly. It has a stub end on which the lap joint ring flange will be placed. This connection is very useful for large and hard-to-adjust flanges.