Stainless steel 904L tube fittings

Stainless steel 904L tube fittings

What are stainless steel 904L compression fittings?

The 904L is an austenitic stainless steel which is the non-stabilized low carbon containing material with which the compression fittings can be made. The stainless steel 904L compression fittings material come with excellent weldability and formability. They also have high toughness. The ASTM B649 UNS N08904 instrumentation fittings have copper in its chemical composition, which enhances its resistance to the strong reducing acids. The stainless steel 904L high pressure fittings also show good resistance to crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. The DIN 1.4539 gaugeable tube fittings are quite expensive as the chemical composition of the material has a high quantity of expensive elements like molybdenum and nickel. This is why the grade 904L is getting replaced by the low cost duplex steel 2205 in some cases. The ASTM A182 F904L adapter fittings can resist moderate to high corrosion in various process environments. The material is non-magnetic and used for manufacturing Rolex watches.

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What does SAE stand for in SS 904L hydraulic fittings?

SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers and the SS 904L instrument tube fittings covered under the SAE standards are ideally used in refrigerators and low pressure applications. These fittings can also be found in various automotive applications. The SAE male comes with a 45 degrees angle which sits against the 45 degree flare of the female fitting.

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Why threads & End Connections matter in stainless steel 904L tube fittings?

The threads help to seal the stainless steel 904L tube fittings properly with the tube, pipe, or other piping equipment, or else, there can be a leakage. The end connection would determine the type of results you would want from the 904L stainless steel tube fittings. For example, a tee fitting has a different work than the union fitting. Hence both thread and end connections are important for the tube fittings.

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What thread is on a SS 904L 3/8 compression fitting?

The ⅜ 904L stainless steel compression fittings consists of straight threads.

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What are Series S Straight Compression Fitting?

The series S straight SA 182 Grade F904L tube fittings is capable of withstanding high pressure conditions.

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Top 5 tips to eliminates leaks in oil & gas sectors

In order to eliminate leaks caused by ASTM A276 904L pipe connectors in oil & gas sectors, the following measures should be taken:

  • The tube fitting assembly should be done properly.
  • The metal-to-metal seal should be perfect and reliable.
  • The selection or preparation of the tubes should be conducted in the best possible way.
  • The right SUS 904L instrument fittings type should be chosen corresponding to the given application.
  • Over tightening the fittings should be avoided at all costs.

Leakage detecting with the help of ultrasonic sound test can help you to know about the smallest leakages anywhere in the pipeline on the right time.