Stainless Steel belleville washer

Stainless Steel belleville washer

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What are stainless steel belleville washers?

Today, there are various washers are available in different shapes and sizes. These enable the operations to last longer. Constructed with a slightly conical shape, a Stainless Steel Belleville washer will provide an axial force upon deformation.

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Stainless Steel Belleville Washer Specifications

Stainless Steel Belleville Washer Chemical Composition

Stainless Steel Belleville Washer Mechanical Properties

Stainless Steel Belleville Washer Dimensions

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Helpful tips for installing SS belleville washers

  • Using a serrated surface improves its locking mechanism.
  • Adding a finish to the fasteners can improve its longevity in a corrosive environment.
  • Choose a washer with the right diameter. If its diameter is larger, the clamping force you will obtain is much lesser.
  • Use the right torque to achieve optimum results. Unlocking the washer can lead to an unreliable assembly.

SS 304 belleville washers and stainless steel conical washers as per ASTM A666/ ASME SA666

How to calculate SS belleville spring washers weight?

The weight of a SS Belleville spring washer is calculated using the following equation –
W=pi(OD2 ÷ 4−ID2 ÷ 4)Td
The variable representations are mentioned below –
W = weight of the washer in pounds
OD = the outer diameter of the washer in inches
ID = the inner diameter of the washer in inches
T = thickness of the washer in inches
d = density of the material in pounds per cubic inch

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How to measure stainless belleville washers head size & length?

The length of a stainless steel Bellville washer is equivalent to its outer diameter, while the head measurement is its inner diameter.

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Are 304 SS belleville washers suitable for marine use?

No grade stainless steel 304 is unsuitable to be used in marine environments. Although this alloy is suited to general applications, a better grade would be alloy 316. stainless steel Grade 316 has excellent resistance to seawater. Therefore it is referred to as a marine-grade alloy.