Stainless steel circle

Stainless steel circle

How can you buy directly from the factory to reduce the costs at

Industries that demand a bulk supply of raw materials or finished products consider striking deals directly with manufacturers. Factory prices of a stainless steel circle are lower than rates charged by suppliers and other vendors. streamlines this process by connecting buyers with authorised and legitimate producers. We follow a strict verification system to ensure you view only the top ten fully legit and reliable names.

The portal offers a convenient live chat option to contact the vendor for a quote. Comparing the costs of a stainless steel half circle across vendors will help you find the best deal. It will minimise total purchase costs, logistics, testing, and delivery needs.

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6 tips for buying an SS blank round disc at the lowest price always

Round plates work in pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, and oil and gas.

  • Deal with manufacturers directly to get factory prices. Competitive suppliers can deliver these circles at low rates, like Rs 200 apiece.
  • Compare the prices of stainless steel disc blanks across vendors to negotiate the best deal.
  • Pick a cheaper grade of stainless steel when suitable. For instance, Grade 316 is pricier than 304 for enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • Opt for machine cutting over automated techniques for affordable pricing.
  • Choose a mill finish unless your application requires polishing or other treatments.
  • Select vendors with robust quality assurance to minimise testing requirements after delivery.

Ready stock of stainless steel disc blanks and forged circle in UAE

What are the characteristics of stainless steel disc blanks and a forged circle? How can you find ready stock?

These circles are akin to sheets, albeit in circular form. A stainless steel forged circle displays strength, rigid structural precision, and longevity of use.

Since these products get widely used in many sectors, finding ready stock is usually straightforward. The best way to ensure a steady supply of an SS circle is to build a long-term relationship with a reliable producer. Authorised dealers and distributors can also give you wholesale rates based on the order size and frequency. An intelligent tactic is to use the portal to access verified vendors with guaranteed availability of stainless steel blank round discs.

Refer stainless steel circle plate and round circle dimensions, weight chart, and sizes

What are the standard sizes and thicknesses of a stainless steel circle plate? Weight formula for an SS round circle

Manufacturers produce these plates in various sizes, thicknesses, grades, and finishes to meet client requirements. The most consequential metric for a stainless steel circle plate is the diameter, which decides the overall size and application of the circle. Typical sizes range from 1mm to 100mm, with diameters up to 2000mm. Plasma and tool cut options are abundant, but forging has become popular.

The weight of an SS round circle depends on the diameter and thickness. Customers can determine it from the formula below. It helps obtain cost estimates (for grams apiece):

W or weight = [Diameter x Diameter x Thickness] รท 160

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Required testing methods for a stainless steel circle ring

These components are known for their performance, corrosion resistance, and strength. A stainless steel circle ring gets manufactured in different sizes and finishes through machine cutting or automated processes. Its applications are versatile: from construction and mining to automotive, food processing, and medical sectors. Quality testing is essential to verify dimensional stability and abrasion resistance.

The standard tests for an SS round circle check the hardness, tensile strength, and chemical composition. PMI (or Positive Material Identification) is the most common test by manufacturers. Destructive methods involve flattening and flaring, while NDT approaches (non-destructive) are usually radiography and ultrasonics.

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7 common uses of a stainless steel blank plate & round

Excellent performance, corrosion resistance, and adaptability to different temperatures make these plates popular across industries. A stainless steel blank plate has diverse uses for fabrication and manufacture. Both plate and round shapes enjoy immense utility due to their smooth surface, mechanical strength, and tolerance for acidic and alkaline media.

  • Interior design
  • Street furniture, due to the rust-proof nature of stainless steel round discs
  • Surgical instruments and other medical equipment
  • Heavy machinery and fasteners
  • Containers for chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Food processing and kitchen appliances
  • Heat temp applications- like sinks, heat exchangers, troughs, and pressure vessels