Stainless steel cold heading wire

Stainless steel cold heading wire

A wire which is commonly used for manufacturing screws, bolts, nails and rivets is stainless steel cold heading wire. In order to form the required shape, this wire is used in cold. We just form the require shape, without heat involvement. This process also involves striking blows to length of the wire. They also offer excellent machinability, formidability and machining characteristics. Apart from this, they are available in diameter range from 1.0-20.0mm. They follow specification standard EN10263-5. They also involve their surface being oiled. SS cold heading wire exhibit good properties when exposed to temperature conditions between 200-750-degree Fahrenheit.

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Distinctive properties are delivered when comparing a cold heading wire with cold heading wire. Cold ss forming is the process of continuous forming of the material without any heat involvement. On the other hand, cold forming is used for the continuous forming of the material at room temperature conditions.

Specification of stainless steel cold heading wire

stainless steel cold heading wire specification

SS Cold heading wire size SS 316L cold forming wire dimensions Cold heading wire tempers
  • 0.005″ – 0.910″ (round diameters)
  • Thickness:
    0.040 to 0.787 inch
    1mm to 20. mm
  • Dead Soft
  • Spring Temper
Stainless steel 316 chq wire services Types of stainless steel cold heading wire Melting Point of cold heading quality wire
  • Item Procurement
  • Drawing
  • Straighten and Cut
  • Annealing
  • JIT Stocking Programs
  • Stainless steel cold heading EPQ wire
1400 to 1530 °C
Equivalent of cold heading wire 2.0mm ss cold heading wire delivery condition Stainless steel cold heading wire american & international standard
  • W.NR 1.4301
  • W.NR 1.4306/ 1.4307
  • W.NR 1.4401/ 1.4436
  • W.NR 1.4404/1.4435
  • UNS S30400
  • UNS S30403
  • UNS S31600
  • UNS S31603


  • ½ hard
  • ¼ hard
  • ¾ hard
  • full hard
  • Soft annealed stainless steel cold heading wire
  • ASTM A493-16
  • ASTM A176
  • ASTM / ASME SA 790
Cold heading stainless steel wire applications Packaging SS cold heading wire finish
  • Springs
  • Wire mesh
  • Wire cloth
  • Knitting wire
  • Hose braiding
  • Weaving wire
  • Engineered components
  • Locking wire
  • Conveyor belts
  • Wall ties
  • Cabling wire
  • Medical wire
  • Drums
  • Spool
  • Bobbins
  • Coil
  • Reel (Plastic/ wooden)
  • Carrier
  • Custom
  • Formers
  • Z Packs
  • pre-coat
  • Moly Coating
  • Copper Coating
  • Soap based coating
  • Clean & Bare


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Despite it inherits excellent characteristic, we need to also look where and when we can use a chq wire

Following are the scenatios where this wire delivers advantageous properties:

  • Because it is an alloy of iron, chromium and other materials, they are resistant to staining.
  • They show excellent corrosion resistive properties.
  • They are very easy to clean and show good maintenance.
  • Cold heading quality wire can be used in a variety of application because of their versatile nature.

Now there are some limitations that one can encounter while using chq stainless steel wire. Following are some disadvantages of using this wire:

  • These wires are not pocket friendly.
  • It does not exhibit magnetic properties and are non-magnetic in nature.
  • They are susceptible to scratches.

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stainless steel cold heading wire material