Stainless steel compression fittings

Stainless steel compression fittings

What are stainless steel compression fittings?

The compression fittings made of stainless steel are versatile couplings that can be used for connecting two pipes or a pipe to a valve or other piping equipment. The stainless steel compression fittings are made up of three parts- the compression nut, compression ring, and the compression seat. The pipe slide through the fitting after which the nut is tightened, and the ring is pressed into the seat. Thus, the stainless steel pipe compression fittings are capable of offering water tight seal and they are a cost effective solution too. The stainless steel pipe compression fittings show good resistance to corrosion and they possess high tensile strength too. These fittings are quite durable and show good resistance to elevated temperatures. The stainless steel Npt Compression Fittings have high formability, fabricability and workability. They can last for many years and continue to have that attractive appearance. They are environment-friendly too.

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What is stainless female to male compression fitting?

The SS female to male compression fittings are used widely in plumbing for joining two tubes or thin-walled pipes together, made of dissimilar material. These fittings are widely used in hot and cold water taps and they can be easily installed and uninstalled. The stainless steel male compression fitting offers leakage free seals and can be remade. Another benefit of having the SS female compression fitting is that they do not require any heat treatment or soldering, which means they are comparatively quick and easy to use. They do not require any specialized tools or skills for operation. These can work in high pressure environments in the presence of toxic gases.

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Can ss compression fittings be used on domestic gas pipes?

Yes, the ss compression fittings are perfectly suitable to be used on domestic gas pipes. helps you discover top manufacturers for the true cost of stainless steel compression coupling in Dubai

Are stainless steel compression coupling reliable? How much pressure it can hold?

The stainless steel compression couplings are very reliable and they offer leak tight seals in the plumbing system. This is a cost effective solution that comes with several benefits.

The pressure that these compression couplings can withstand would vary with the grade of stainless steel used in manufacturing the coupling. For example, the maximum working pressure of 316 grade ss is 400 PSI and that should be taken into consideration before using it for any application.

Compression stainless steel fittings to ensure the proper fit, 3/16″ 1/4″ 5/16″ male npt compression tube fittings Equivalent to Parker/ Swagelok

Application of ss compression fittings

The stainless steel pipe compression fittings can be used for a wide range of applications like fleet and automotive, hydraulic, industrial, oil and gas, instrumentation, and many more.

SS compression tube fittings come in many sizes, like 8mm, 10mm, 22mm in various threads including Metric, NPT, BSPP, UNF, AN, SAE, BSPT, ISO

What are metric compression fittings stainless steel?

The metric compression fittings stainless steel should be used with the metric hydraulic tubing solutions. They come with a nut and sleeve or ferrule, at one or either ends.

How to choose the correct stainless steel compression tube fittings?

In order to select the right ss compression tube fittings, the following things should be considered:

  • The quality of raw material
  • If the dimensions are customized according to the requirements
  • Whether the fittings can offer desirable performance by testing it for any faults