Stainless steel cushion clamps

Stainless steel cushion clamps

What are stainless steel cushion clamps?

The cushion clamps are used for securing tubes and pipes to the strut. It helps to provide vibration isolation or they also offer protection from dissimilar materials. The stainless steel cushion clamps are available with different surface finishes for enhancing their appearance and corrosion resistance properties. The stainless steel rubber lined pipe clamps can help to secure pipes and tubes in place. The rubber lining prevents vibrations from getting transmitted and it also safeguards the clamps against scratching. It also enhances the insulation of the device. The stainless steel cushioned pipe clamp material shows good resistance to corrosion and abrasion. They have high hardness, toughness, and tensile strength. They also possess higher fatigue strength, malleability, and creep resistance. The SS unistrut cushion clamps design can prevent over-tightening and rotation, and the cushion is secured in place for preventing lateral movement. These clamps are equipped with properties which are used in a wide range of industries.

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What are stainless steel p clips?

The stainless steel p clips are single piece bands that can be used for semi-permanently or permanently fixing the hoses and pipes. They help to lock the hose in place so as to ensure that the machinery keeps running. They are mechanically secured to an anchor point with the help of a screw or bolt.

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What is SS cushioned u bolt?

The SS 304 cushioned u bolt helps to support heavy objects from the ceilings, poles, and holes. They have good corrosion resistance properties and high tensile strength. They are very durable and show resistance to elevated temperatures. They have high formability, fabricability, and low maintenance. They also have a great surface appearance.

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Features of SS cushioned u bolt

The W5 stainless steel u bolt cushion clamp helps to support pipework and pipes through which gases and fluids can pass. It is described by the size it is supporting. It also helps to hold ropes together in place. There are different types of u bolts which come with varied applications.

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Application of stainless steel u bolt cushion clamp

The 316 stainless steel cushioned clamp or u bolt clamp can be used for various marine and outdoor applications. They can also be used in pipes that transfer fluids and gases.

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Advantages of SS 2 hole cushioned clamp

The SS V2A 2 hole cushioned clamp comes with several advantages, like:

  • They are easy to install
  • They are very durable and show good resistance to the UV rays.
  • They are also resistant to abrasion, high temperature, chemicals, and low temperature.
  • They help to prevent clamping damage during the installation process.
  • It has low maintenance and a long service life.
  • They have anti-vibration properties.