Stainless Steel Drywall Screws

Stainless Steel Drywall Screws

What are stainless steel drywall screws?

Considered to be versatile, these fasteners are specialized screws with a bugle head construction. As the name suggests they are used to attach drywall to either wood or metal studs.

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Stainless Steel Drywall Screws Specifications

Stainless Steel Drywall Screws Chemical Composition

Stainless Steel Drywall Screws Mechanical Properties

Stainless Steel Drywall Screws Dimensions

SS 316 hollow wall anchors and 304 self drilling drywall screws suppliers in UAE

What is a SS type S drywall screw?

Stainless Steel Drywall Screws were designed to fasten drywall to steel studs whose thickness was less than 0.033″. The thread construction of SS type S screws is fine. The tip of the shank is sharp

Be sure to compare the price of 316 stainless steel self drilling drywall screws with verified & genuine SS 304L drywall mounting screws in Dubai

Will Stainless Steel black drywall screws rust?

Stainless Steel Black drywall screws are intended to be used for indoor applications. The black coating on the fastener will help prolong corrosion. Over time, exposure to heat and moisture will cause it to corrode.

SS 304 drywall screws and collated stainless steel drywall screws available in 1/2″ – 4.0″ dia as per SAE J429, check 316L sheetrock drywall anchor price per kg in Middle East and Asia

What is the manufacturing process of SS drywall screws?

The manufacturing process of a stainless steel drywall screw includes heat treatment, where the alloy is heated to a certain temperature, followed by cooling. Usually, processes like annealing, quenching, tempering, etc. are carried out on the screws. These processes increase the hardness and tensile properties of the screws.

Stainless steel twin thread drywall screws as per DIN, SUS, JIS, AISI, ASTM, check SS fine plasterboard screws sizes, weight capacity and specification

Advantages of stainless steel self drilling drywall screws

They are time & cost-efficient and do not need additional preparation like drilling a pilot hole. The screws are durable and have moderate corrosion resistance properties because they are coated black.

Check SS heavy duty drywall anchors dimensions and specifications, ask for a sample mill test certificate in the Middle East countries

Applications of SS 304 drywall screws

Stainless Steel Drywall Screws have deeper threads compared to regular screws. They can be used in general household applications like – putting up a picture, building certain furniture, DIY projects, home decor, or even drilling a pilot hole.