Stainless Steel Elbow Outlet

Stainless Steel Elbow Outlet

What Is Stainless Steel Elbow Outlet?

Stainless steel alloys like grades 304 and 316 are often used as branch connection fittings because they offer good corrosion resistance properties. A stainless steel elbow outlet is specifically designed to be used as a branched connection that extends from a larger bent header pipe. Typically, they can form thermowell or instrumentation connections.

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What Is A SS 304 Elbolet Used For?

Grade 304 is a versatile stainless steel fitting that offers resistance against oxidation at moderately high temperatures. Sectors like chemical processing and petroleum refining tend to use bends in their piping systems. In such cases, it would be difficult to accommodate a fitting that cannot be connected. However, SS 304 Elbolet can be attached to the pipe even on a bend, and they can change the direction of the flow.

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Features Of ASTM A182 F316 Elbow Outlet

While the other olets are used on straight-run pipes, one of the features of the ASTM A182 F316 Elbow Outlet is its ability to branch out bent pipes. This means that the olet is suitable for not only 90° long radius elbows or short radius elbows – but 180° return bends as well. They are available in threaded, socket weld and buttweld end and can be used across different pressure ratings.

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Applications Of UNS S31603 Threaded 90 Elbow Outlet

With good tensile properties, the UNS S31603 Threaded 90 Elbow Outlet can not only resist atmospheric corrosion, but also corrosion in moderately oxidizing and reducing environments. These properties favour their use in the chemical and petrochemical processing units – both of which are likely to have corrosive chemicals. Usually, these are referred to as marine-grade fittings because the alloy has a very high resistance to salt water. Even in highly saline water, they aren’t affected by oxidation.

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How You Can Identify A DIN 1.4541 Side Outlet Elbow?

Traditional elbow fittings have two openings and are usually produced at 45 or 90 degrees. One can easily recognise a DIN 1.4541 Side Outlet Elbow because of its appearance. Similar to a conventional 90-degree elbow, these fittings also have two openings that are perpendicular to each other. But the feature that separates the two olets is the presence of the third opening in the side outlet elbow. The third opening is a protruding pipe that extends from the right angle area of the fitting. So either way, all three openings of the AISI 317L 3 Way Side Outlet Elbow are perpendicular to each other.

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How To Calculate Grade 304L Socket Weld 90 Deg Elbow Outlet Weight?

Calculation of the weight of a Grade 304L Socket Weld 90 Deg Elbow Outlet is possible with the following formula.

  • Weight = thickness x density x length x width
  • Here,
  • Thickness = outer diameter – inner diameter
  • Width = diameter of the fitting