Stainless steel electropolished pipe

Stainless Steel Electropolished Pipe

What is stainless steel electropolished pipe?

Stainless steel pipes could be used in sensitive applications like science labs and in pharmaceutical industrial processing. Here, the diameter and other dimensions of the pipes have to be accurate. To make the pipe diameter and thickness as accurate as possible, the pipes are electropolished. The Stainless Steel Electropolished Pipe can then be used with accuracy in these applications.

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Stainless Steel Electropolished Pipe Specification

Stainless Steel Electropolished Pipe Properties

What are the standards of electropolished stainless steel tubing

Not all specifications require the pipes to be electropolished. The Electropolished stainless steel tubing belongs to certain specifications such as the ASTM A312 which are produced through fabrication, welding or seamless production. And then electropolished to produce the end products such as the Stainless steel 304 electropolished pipe. Electropolishing can make the pipes look better with the most effective surface smoothness. The process reduces the absolute roughness of the surface of the Stainless steel 316 electropolished pipe so that it can be used with high precision.

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How electropolished process is performed?

The pipe that has to be electropolished is dipped and immersed into an electrolytic solution. Usually, these solutions are mixtures of acids. The pipe is connected to the anode end and another metal is presented as the cathode conductor. As electricity passes through the system, positively charged metal irons depart from the surface of the pipes and move toward the cathode. This creates the Electropolished Stainless Steel Pipe. Since the surface is polished literally atom by atom, it is the most effective polishing technology available. The procedure has to be followed with caution though. The SS Electropolished Pipes can also be defective if the electric flow, the electrolyte mixture, or the cathode is not of the required capacity.

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Advantages and disadvantages of electropolished tubes

Electropolished tubes require high production costs. The pipes can be used in different sensitive applications with dimensional accuracy, but they are not necessary at all times. After the process, the Stainless Steel Electro polished Tubes have less grip on the surface due to the reduced absolute roughness. The polished surface has to be coated or treated immediately after electropolishing because the surface will be at maximum reception for corrosion, especially oxidation. The exception is that if the metal itself is highly corrosion resistant, it doesn’t rust as fast.

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Where ep tubing is used?

EP Tubing is used in highly sophisticated engine setups, medical equipment, laboratory set-ups, and in atomic energy plants and nuclear reactors. The operations are accurate and the fluid flow can be controlled to the maximum possible when the pipes used are Stainless steel pipe electropolished.

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Can you weld stainless steel tubing electropolished?

Electropolishing only makes the surface smooth and does not alter the material. So the Stainless steel tubing electropolished still has the same mechanical and chemical qualities as the original pipe. If the grade of the stainless steel is weldable, then it is weldable even after electropolishing.

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