Stainless Steel Fender Washer

Stainless Steel Fender Washer

316 Stainless steel fender washers suppliers in UAE

What is a stainless steel fender washer?

They are a type of flat washer having a larger outer diameter that is proportional to their smaller central perforation.

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Stainless Steel Fender Washer Specifications

Stainless Steel Fender Washer Chemical Composition

Stainless Steel Fender Washer Mechanical Properties

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What is the purpose of 316 stainless steel fender washers?

A Stainless Steel Fender Washer is used to evenly distribute a load of a bolt over a large surface area. They were specifically designed to be used in applications where the fastener i.e. – nut or bolt has been corroded.

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Difference between SS 316 fender washer and regular washer

Both SS regular and Stainless steel fender washers are flat. However, while a conventional washer has a smaller diameter (almost ring-shaped), the fender kind has a larger diameter looking like a plate, with a small central hole.

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Applications of SS fender washers

They are primarily used to fasten sheet metal. As it is a flat component, it distributes the load evenly without the appearance of a bump, unlike other washers. They are particularly useful in preventing or delaying corrosion. Their large diameter acts as a barrier between the corroded fastener to the non-corroded part. They also prevent pull-throughs.

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Characteristics of thick stainless steel fender washers

Some of the important characteristics are its durability, high tensile strength, good corrosion resistance, and larger outer diameter.