Stainless Steel Flange Bolts

Stainless Steel Flange Bolts

Are SS flange bolts universal?

Most fittings are produced with the use of a set of instructions, called specifications. These specifications/ standards are set by regulatory bodies. Hence, yes they are universal.

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Stainless Steel Flange Bolts Specifications

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What are stainless steel flange bolts?

Stainless steel flange bolts are similar to most bolts in terms of construction. The only difference here is the circular flange constructed below the bolt’s head. This flange acts as a washer to evenly distribute the load.

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How do you protect corrosion from SS serrated flange bolts?

Using preventive measures like corrosion-resistant alloys or coating can help prevent corrosion altogether. Regular inspection and maintenance can also help improve the work life of these fasteners.

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What is better 6-point or 12 point stainless steel hex flange bolts?

The function of both these bolts is dependent on the type of work they are in for. For most lightweight repairs, it is ideal to use 12-point sockets. However, if the operation calls for heavy wrenching, using a six-point socket is your best bet.

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What factors should be prioritized to choose 304 stainless steel flange bolt?

Grade 304 is a commercially affordable alloy with decent corrosion resistance properties and good mechanical strength. While choosing this alloy for an application one should prioritize the environment temperature, reagents/ chemicals for the application, and tensile requirements. A miscalculation in any of these factors could lead to the breakdown of the said application.

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What is the tensile strength of 316 stainless steel flange bolts?

The tensile strength of these fasteners is about 480 Mpa.

SS exhaust flange bolts vs hex head flange bolts

SS Exhaust flange bolts tend to have higher tensile strength because they are used in the assembly of exhaust pipes. They can withstand higher pressure and elevated temperatures as well. A Stainless steel hex head flange bolts is a versatile fasteners that is used in the petrochemical, sugar, and textile industry mainly because they are made from corrosion-resistant alloys.