Stainless Steel Flange Nuts

Stainless Steel Flange Nuts

304 SS serrated flange nut suppliers in UAE

What are stainless steel flange nuts?

These fasteners are constructed with a larger base, thus effectively eliminating the need for a washer. Its enlarged base helps to evenly distribute the load carried by the bolt.

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Stainless Steel Flange Nuts Specifications

Stainless Steel Flange Nuts Chemical Composition

Stainless Steel Flange Nuts Mechanical Properties

Stainless Steel Flange Nuts Dimensions

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How do you tighten a stainless steel exhaust flange nuts?

Initially, these Stainless Steel Flange Nuts can be tightened manually by your hand, or if preferred a hand wrench. Once it is snug, you can tighten them further by using a torque wrench, ensuring a steady fastening.

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What are stainless steel serrated flange nuts used for?

Serrated flange nuts like serrated washers are useful in high-vibration applications. Their serrated surface aids in preventing the assembly from coming undone.

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Characteristics of SS flange nut

Nuts are threaded to fit their corresponding mate (bolt, threaded rod or stud bolt). They have a larger base, that looks like a washer is attached. Flange nuts are stronger because of their unique construction.

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Stainless steel exhaust flange nuts advantages

Since the fasteners are made from stainless steel – they benefit from all the usual characteristics such as – corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, high hardness etc. Though their properties are subject to the steel grade they’re produced. Another advantage is their ability to make applications successful. Some instances need special types of nuts. For eg., SS flange nuts have an enlarged base to prevent the loosening of the bolt.