Stainless Steel Flat Washer

Stainless Steel Flat Washer

Flat washers 304 stainless steel and 316 SS penny washers suppliers in UAE

What is a stainless steel flat washer?

Produced from different stainless steel alloys, these components are thin metal plate that is placed between a bolt head and the object being fastened. They aid in the even distribution of the load or stress of a threaded nut and bolt.

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Stainless Steel Flat Washer Specifications

Stainless Steel Flat Washer Chemical Composition

Stainless Steel Flat Washer Mechanical Properties

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What is the difference between uss and sae stainless steel 304 flat washers?

The design of the USS SS flat washers specifically caters to the manufacturing industry and the SAE washers correspond to the automotive industry. The outer diameter of a USS flat washer is normal, with the internal diameter greater than a conventional SS penny washer. Conversely, sae flat washers have smaller outer diameters with thinner gauges as compared to their USS counterpart.

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What is the application of SS flat washer?

Not only do they reduce the surface pressure applied on the fastened object, but they also act as a barrier between a bolt and the object it is being initially fastened to. They also improve the lifespan of an application because they prevent the loosening of fasteners.

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SS plain washers benefits

The main benefit of using a SS plain washer is that they offer strong connections despite a component being corroded. And since the outer diameter is larger than most washers, it considerably reduces the strain caused by vibrations.

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316 stainless steel flat washer vs SS penny washer

Both SS penny and Stainless steel flat washers can be used across different applications. However, if a fastener component is rusted, a penny washer is considered to be the ideal choice. Characteristically, a SS penny or plain washer has an enlarged outer diameter with a smaller, yet proportional inner hole. Whereas the central hole in a Stainless Steel Flat Washer matches the diameter of its fastener.