Stainless Steel Hex Nuts

Stainless Steel Hex Nuts

Stainless steel 304 hex nuts and ss hex coupling nuts suppliers in UAE

What are stainless steel hex nuts?

A nut is a threaded fastening device, used in combination with a bolt to hold two objects together. Shaped as hexagonal, these Stainless Steel Hex Nuts form an integral part in piping systems or structural assemblies.

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Stainless Steel Hex Nuts Specifications

Stainless Steel Hex Nuts Chemical Composition

Stainless Steel Hex Nuts Mechanical Properties

304 stainless hex nuts and SS hexagonal nuts in UNC / UNF/ 8-UN thread in the Middle East

What type of testing is required for SS hex nuts?

The following tests are required for nuts – Tensile testing, Nut proof load testing, Suitability for preloading & calibrated preload, Charpy Impact testing and Hardness testing.

Stainless steel metric hex nuts and SS 316 hex rivet nuts are available in all metric sizes in Dubai

How much torque can you put on a 6 mm SS hexagonal nuts?

Depending on the type of bolt used, a 6 mm SS hexagonal nut would require a torque value ranging between 8 Nm to 15Nm.

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How do you measure stainless steel hex nuts pitch?

One can measure a stainless steel hex nuts pitch with the help of a pitch gauge. As there are different gauges available, the thread of the nut and bolt needs to be checked against each one to find a true match.

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What is the application for SS 304 Hex Nut?

A nut needs to be attached to its mating bolt or threaded rod or stud to hold two objects together. They help in connecting piping systems, flanges and equipment in various manufacturing industries.