Stainless Steel Lateral Outlet

Stainless Steel Lateral Outlet

What Is Stainless Steel Lateral Outlet?

As a self-reinforced fitting, this branched connection changes the flow of media at an angle of 45 degrees.

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What Is The Pressure Rating Of SS Latrolet?

Although they are produced between pressure classes 3000 lbs to 9000 lbs, it is very common to see a stainless steel lateral outlet in pressure classes 3000 lbs or 6000 lbs used in applications.

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How Is UNS S30400 Lateral Outlet Size Measured?

The outer diameter, thickness and inner diameter of an ASTM A182 F304L Socket Weld Lateral Outlet by simply tracing the circumference of the inner wall and the outer wall of the fitting onto a sheet of paper. The measurement of the largest circle will give you the outer diameter, while the diameter of the smaller circle is the inner diameter. Once the two diameters have been drawn, mark the centre of both such that you get the radii of both the inner and outer diameters. The difference between both the radii will be the measurement of the wall thickness of the WNR 1.4550 Lateral Outlet Fittings.

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Application Of ASTM A182 F304L Socket Weld Lateral Outlet

As the fitting is suited to small bore application settings, they work well in low-pressure piping systems. The Stainless Steel 321 Lateral Outlet can be used in extreme temperatures, where heat settings are mildly cyclic without becoming susceptible to corrosion by oxidation. Applications that involve a lot of heat like power generation, nuclear plants, petrochemical processing, and oil and gas industries use them to change the direction of the flow.

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Reason To Use SS 316 Threaded Lateral Outlet?

Threaded AISI 316L 45-Degree Lateral Outlets are considered to be one of the simplest, yet time-saving connections ever to exist. Not only does a threaded fastener offer a secure connection, but it can be dismantled very easily if the pipe is to be cleaned or undergo maintenance. When it comes to their corrosion resistance properties, they perform well even in moderately corrosive environments.

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Advantages Of AISI 316L 45 Degree Lateral Outlets

The advantages of a SS 316 Threaded Lateral Outlet are as follows –

  • The surface of the material is rigid, making it durable, dimensionally accurate and resistant to abrasion.
  • The chemical makeup of nickel and molybdenum in the alloy of grade 316 SS Latrolet imparts good resistance to corrosion against various acids in low concentration as well as resistance to bases and neutral solutions.
  • They have a high performance in extreme environments and are low maintenance because of their properties.