Stainless Steel Lock Nuts

Stainless Steel Lock Nuts

What are stainless steel lock nuts?

As the name suggests, these fasteners get locked in one place when used with threaded fasteners. Stainless Steel Lock Nuts feature the same type of threads internally as their threaded fasteners.

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Stainless Steel Lock Nuts Specifications

Stainless Steel Lock Nuts Chemical Composition

Stainless Steel Lock Nuts Mechanical Properties

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What are the advantages of SS flange lock nuts?

Unlike traditionally used nuts, SS flange lock nuts are designed to stay put even with very high vibrations like in machines. And though they do not help in eliminating or preventing vibrations, they will not compromise the integrity of the application by becoming loose.

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What is the tensile strength of stainless steel locking wing nuts?

The tensile strength of a locking wing nut will depend on the material it is made from. For instance, an A4-70 SS Wing Nuts would exhibit a tensile strength of 700N/mm², because it is produced from grade 316 stainless steel.

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How do you measure SS lock nut size?

They can be measured with a calibrated scale. For instance, if the diameter of a locknut is measured as 50mm, the size of the locknut is 10. You need to divide the diameter by 5 to arrive at this concussion.

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Application of stainless steel self locking nut

Generally, these fasteners are preferred in the aerospace industry or in machines that continuously vibrate. They help these machines to maintain the integrity of the applications.

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Difference between stainless bearing lock nut and SS square lock nut

stainless Bearing locknuts are usually produced round with key slots on the outside. The design of locknuts calls for their installation or removal by a special tool like a spanner wrench or socket.

Compared to a stainless bearing lock nut, a squared one will provide greater surface contact to the part it is being fastened. Specifically, squared lock nuts are designed to be fitted to square-shaped fasteners. A flaw in these fasteners is their ability to cause damage to the wood or metal surface surrounding it