Stainless steel male connector

Stainless steel male connector

What is stainless steel male connector?

The male connectors made of different grades of stainless steel are very durable, sturdy, and they are perfect for a wide range of applications. The stainless steel male connectors can effectively resist corrosion in a wide range of environments. Depending on the particular grades, its specific properties can be described- for example, the 316 grade stainless steel male adapters show greater resistance towards corrosion compared to the grade 304. They show good resistance to elevated temperature conditions and are quite durable too. The ss male connector possess high tensile strength and they are known for their high formability and fabricability. One of the best things about Female Stainless Steel Straight Tube Connectors are that they are very low in maintenance. They can last for several years and have an attractive appearance. 304 stainless steel NPT Male Straight Adapters are environment friendly, which means they are recyclable and economical.

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What is SS NPT male straight adapter?

The NPT male stainless steel straight connectors have threads on the outer side of the connector and it connects with a female connector for creating a seal. Herein, the male adapter stretches out to the female for creating a strong force that helps to hold the pieces together. The NPT seal is one of the most popular types of seal used in different pressure calibration systems in the USA and Canada.

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stainless steel male adapter vs female adapter

The primary difference between stainless steel male adapter and female adapter lies in the location of their threads. The male thread is located on the outer side of the adapter while the stainless steel female adapter has its thread located on the inner side.

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What is stainless steel straight connector?

The stainless steel straight connector brings the tube directly to the mating equipment and they are located at a 90 degree angle to the equipment itself. The end of hydraulic connector present in the machinery has a male threaded end, and it matches with the female threaded end present in the equipment itself.

SS male female connector for a leak-free installation, equivalent to Parker/ Swagelok

Application of 316 stainless steel male connector

The 316 stainless steel male connectors are used in applications where stress corrosion cracking due to the chloride environments is a primary concern. They do not require any welding and heating operations and thus can be used in services where fire should be avoided at all cost. The male connector ss316 forms an eminent part of the construction and infrastructure equipment. They can also be found in tanks, evaporators, pharmaceutical equipment, etc.

Stainless steel male to male connector in BSPT, AN, SAE, BSPP, ISO, NPT, and UNF type of thread

Advantages of Stainless Steel Male & Female Connector

The primary advantages of Stainless Steel Male & Female Connector are their interchangeability and ease of assembly. They do not need any heating or welding actions or special skills for installation and sometimes can be connected by hands. They allow modification which is indeed a great benefit.