Stainless Steel Nylock Nuts

Stainless Steel Nylock Nuts

What are stainless steel nylock nuts?

These fasteners are essentially polymer-inserted lock nuts. The most common polymer used is nylon, which is why they are referred to as nylock or nylon-inserted lock nuts. The nylon collar in Stainless Steel Nylock Nuts increases friction on the screw of the thread. This is because the inner diameter of the fasteners is smaller than the major diameter of the threaded screw.

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Stainless Steel Nylock Nuts Specifications

Stainless Steel Nylock Nuts Chemical Composition

Stainless Steel Nylock Nuts Mechanical Properties

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Are SS nylon lock nuts heat resistant?

These fasteners are moderately resistant to heat, and they do not lose their locking ability up to a temperature of 250 °F.

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What are the disadvantages of a SS nylock nut?

A ss nylock nut needs to always be installed with a wrench, they cannot be manually attached. In applications with vibrations, there is a high probability of loosening over time.

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When should you not use a Stainless Steel nyloc nut?

In the presence of some chemical reagents, the nylon collar insert may break down faster, thereby compromising the integrity of the application. These fasteners must not be used at elevated temperatures because nylon is a polymer – it will start melting and will not function as it ought to. Similarly, it is not suited to extremely high vibration causing applications. The friction between the nylon collar and the threads of the bolt will rupture the insert.

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Are SS nylon insert nuts reusable?

When removed from a bolt, these inserts can go back to their original shape. The inserts are reusable multiple times. But it is important to note that beyond 250 °F, these inserts stop functioning as locknuts.

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Can stainless steel nylon lock nuts be powder coated?

Powder coating creates a hard finish on the surface of the lock nuts. The smooth coating on locknuts is tougher than regular paint. Plus they improve the corrosion resistance properties and durability of the nylock nut

Stainless nylock wing nut vs nyloc dome nut

ss nyloc Dome nuts are used to cover the ends of threaded fasteners. They prevent damage to skin and mishaps during accidental contact. The dome-shaped fasteners also covers screw ends from causing any scratches or damage to the surrounding objects. ss Nylock nuts assist in reducing the chances of the assembly getting unbolted. Usually, they act as a barrier between two components and help to prevent water, oil, petrol, paraffin and other fluids from leaking.