Stainless steel pneumatic fittings

Stainless steel pneumatic fittings

What are stainless steel pneumatic fittings?

The pneumatic fittings made of stainless steel can be used for connecting sections of tubes, pipes or hoses that are used in pressurized gas or pneumatic systems. The stainless steel pneumatic fittings offer tighter seal and have low pressure requirements compared to the hydraulic fittings. The SS pneumatic male connector can be used in the pneumatic logic control systems and in instrumentations. The 316Ti stainless pneumatic coupler can be used for connecting compressed air tools to the compressed air lines. They can be easily connected or disconnected to a hose pipe which is under pressure. The ASTM A479 316 SS pneumatic elbow can be used in different types of water applications but special measures are needed to be taken like controlling the surge pressure, insert ring, etc. The UNS S31600 pneumatic union sometimes come with rotary joints, and is used as fittings in the pneumatic systems that enables rotation between the parts.

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Different types of SS PU Fittings

There are different types of SS pneumatic fittings, depending on various factors like based on functions, based on connection, and based on the material grade. The SS PU Fittings are available in different shapes, designs, etc., and their dimensions are customizable according to the requirements specified by the client.

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Can 316 pneumatic pipe fittings be used for subsea applications?

The 316 stainless steel pneumatic fittings has molybdenum in its chemical composition and thus, they are preferred to be used in marine environments. They also show great resistance to pitting compared to other grades of stainless steel which do not have molybdenum. This is a reason why they should be preferred for different subsea applications.

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How do I choose a SS 304 pneumatic fitting?

In order to choose the correct stainless steel 304 pneumatic fittings, you should consider the following aspects:

  • The specific environment of the application where the fitting would be working.
  • The PSI or air pressure specification of the equipment.
  • The size of the equipment where the fitting should be connected needs to be measured properly.
  • The material of the fitting should be compatible to the material of the equipment where it will be connected.
AISI 316 pneumatic tube fittings and male connector for high-pressure connections

Common thread sizes of SS pneumatic bulkhead fittings

The ASTM A276 Stainless Steel pneumatic bulkhead fittings are available in different thread sizes, the typical ones are ⅜”, ¾”, ⅛”,¼”, and ½”.These fittings can only connect with the pipe threads of the same size.

316Ti stainless pneumatic coupler and bulkhead fittings in ISO/ NPT/ ANSI thread configurations

How much pressure can an UNS S31600 fittings hold?

The exact pressure that AISI 316 pneumatic tube fittings can hold would depend on its thickness. Higher the thickness, the higher pressure it can withstand. It is to be noted that these fittings come with a tensile strength ranging between 500-700 MPa.