Stainless steel rectangular pipe

stainless steel rectangular pipe

What is stainless steel rectangular pipe?

Stainless steel pipes are made from ferritic and austenitic stainless steel grades. The material includes different alloying elements and has nickel and chromium in considerable quantities. The chromium component improves corrosion resistance whereas the nickel component increases ductility and strength. There are different shapes to the pipes such as round, oval, hydraulic, and square. The Stainless steel rectangular pipe is another type where the cross-section of the pipe is rectangular. The square and rectangular pipes are stronger because of their geometric shapes but are also expensive due to the production cost.

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What is ss rectangular tube load capacity?

Different stainless steel material has the different yield and tensile strength. Depending on the material composition, the load capacity differs. The Ss rectangular tube of 304 types has 205MPa minimum yield strength and 515MPa minimum tensile strength. There are other versions of stainless steel alloys that have high load capacities. And the Ss rectangular tube price also ranges as the capacity and compositional grade improves.

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Stainless steel 304 circular pipe vs rectangular pipe

The circular pipes are good at keeping up the pressure. Due to the diagonals and corners in the rectangular pipes, the hydraulics of the fluid flow is influenced and the pressure drops due to viscosity. High viscous fluids will lose pressure quickly inside a Stainless steel 304 rectangular pipe whereas the pressure drop is very low in a circular pipe of the same grade. The strength of the pipe is higher in a rectangular pipe than in a circular pipe. When the pipes are used for structural strength, the Stainless steel 316 rectangular pipe is preferred over the circular pipes of the same grade even though both have the same yield, tensile strengths, ductility, and corrosion resistance.

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What is the difference between the strength of stainless steel c channel vs rectangular tubing

304 stainless steel rectangular tube has its cross-section closed on all sides where the c channels don’t. They have one open side. This allows the rectangular pipes to have more structural strength over the c channels. If the c channels are loaded on the closed side, they will bend more on the open side. But if the same load is applied to the rectangular pipe, it will not bend as much as the c channel. The Stainless steel rectangular tube sizes are defined per application requirements. The wall thicknesses can range from 1.65mm to 6.35mm and the lengths can vary up to 16m with the outer diameters ranging up to 30 inches.

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What is the surface treatment of ss rectangular pipe?

Ss rectangular pipe can be machined, sandblasted, shot blasted, or pickled. These methods remove any deformation or impurities on the surface of the pipes. The surface treatment is also useful when coating the pipes with several materials. The Stainless steel rectangular pipe price will increase when applying these optional surface treatment methods. Applying 3LPE coating, corrosion-resistant painting, and another coating can also be considered as surface treatment. The Jindal ss 304 rectangular pipe price list will give you a clear idea of what kind of price you can expect for the different value-added services and for the different pipes.

Rectangular stainless steel pipe is available in the following specifications: Sch-40, Sch-5, Sch-80, Sch-60, and Sch-10. Check to see if it is resistant to corrosion or not

Is rectangular stainless steel pipe corrosion-resistant?

Yes, but depending on the grades, the material composition differs. The ferritic grades have lower corrosion resistance. They can easily corrode under just atmospheric conditions. But the austenitic stainless steel grades have chromium, nickel, and other metal additions. This improves the corrosion resistance of Rectangular stainless steel pipe types. There are other stainless steel alloys that are extremely corrosion resistant even to highly corrosive agents such as concentrated acids.

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