Stainless Steel Shoulder Bolts

Stainless Steel Shoulder Bolts

What are stainless steel shoulder bolts?

The shank of these fasteners is constructed to a precise diameter, referred to as its shoulder. Hence, they are termed Stainless Steel Shoulder Bolts. The threaded portion in these bolts is constructed smaller in diameter as compared to their shoulder.

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Stainless Steel Shoulder Bolts Specifications

Stainless Steel Shoulder Bolts Chemical Composition

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Stainless Steel Shoulder Bolts Dimension

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What is the diameter of a SS shoulder bolt?

The shoulder diameter is between 30% – 50% smaller than the bolt head.

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How do you measure stainless steel shoulder metric bolts?

The metric measurement of these bolts must be calculated from the base of its head up to the end of its shoulder.

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How do you install SS shoulder bolts?

Installation of these bolts is done with the help of a linear motion device. Fastening the bolts can be done with a screwdriver that corresponds to the recessed shape on its head.

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What is the main advantage of a SS shoulder screw?

The main advantage of these bolts is that they have a smooth shoulder which aids in easy rotation while offering a yield strength between 80% to 85%. They also act as dowels for bearings or bushings (rotating items) and are frequently a part of punch-and-die mechanisms

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How hard is a 304 stainless steel shoulder bolts?

The hardness value of these bolts stands at 55 HRC.