Stainless steel slitting coil

Stainless steel slitting coil

What is the stainless steel slitting coil ?

A stainless steel slitting coil is a process of taking a wider coil and slitting it into narrow coils. The stainless steel slitting coil has superior strength and corrosion resistance properties in an array of environments. The coils can be formed in hot roll, hot roll black, hot rolled pickled, oiler, and coated specifications. The ss slitting coil has excellent durability that allows it to have excellent performance over prolonged periods. The stainless steel slit coil is common in aerospace, automotive, construction, electronics, oil and gas processing, medical systems, etc. Custom steel coil slitting is designed to different specifications as per customer requirements.

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Stainless Steel Slitting Coil Specification

Stainless Steel Slitting Coil Properties

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Is the ss slitting coil weldable ?

The ss slitting coil is considered to be welded following standard fusion and resistance techniques. The stainless slit coil should be welded, giving special attention to avoid brittle fracture during the welding process.


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What is the hardest test performed on stainless steel coil slitting ?

The magnet test can be the hardest to perform in stainless steel coil slitting. The test may not be accurate across different stainless steel grades.


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What is the annealed condition of the stainless steel slit coil ?

The stainless steel cannot easily be heat treated but is annealed in different conditions. The stainless steel coil slitting annealing process is carried in temperatures greater than 1040 degrees c. Some of the ss steel can be control annealed below 1010 degrees c. The stainless steel slit coils help improves its workability and increases its toughness, thereby enhancing the ductility and machinability of the grade.


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What are the edges of the stainless slit coil ?

The stainless steel slit coil can be availed with different edges and edge conditioning methods. Stainless steel slitting is also available in deburred, square, rolled, round, beveled, and custom edges.


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How to perform stainless steel coil slitting ?

Stainless steel coil slitting starts as metal is rolled in thinner gauges and recoiled into a larger roll. The larger rolls of stainless steel slitted coils are referred to as master coils. The master coils are later cut down into narrower widths. The coil slitting process follows three steps. This includes uncoiling and flattening the ss 304 slit coil, blades for cutting, and a recoiler to wind the metal into the coil. The 3 processes require proper alignment to ensure the material is cut as per proper tolerances.