Stainless Steel Spring Washer

Stainless Steel Spring Washer

Stainless steel conical spring washer and 304 SS wave spring washers suppliers in UAE

What is a stainless steel spring washer?

Like plain washers, these fasteners too help evenly distribute the load across the surface area. However, unlike the former – a Stainless Steel Spring Washer is constructed with a curve, thus, adding tension to a fastener assembly.

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Stainless Steel Spring Washer Specifications

Stainless Steel Spring Washer Chemical Composition

Stainless Steel Spring Washer Mechanical Properties

Stainless Steel Spring Washer Dimensions

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When and why should you use a Stainless steel conical spring washer?

Stainless steel Conical washers are serrated which is why it hinders the movement of the fasteners. Secondly, despite getting deformed – it offers axial force, which stabilises the assembled unit. These are perfect for heavy-duty applications because even when they are deformed, they ensure the application is a success.

304 SS disc spring washer as per ISO DIN 127, BS 1802-1951 standard, check stainless steel wave washers dimensions and tolerances

Temperature range of stainless steel wave spring washers

Stainless steel alloys have a high tolerance for elevated temperatures. Grades like 310 or 347 or 321 are heat-resistant alloys. They also have good mechanical properties even under mild cyclic temperatures of 1100°C. Depending on the alloy grade the washer is constructed in, stainless steel wave spring washers can work in either extreme temperature settings.

316 stainless steel helical lock washer in M4 to M80 metric sizes, 316L SS square spring washer as per ASTM A193

What is the function of a SS spring washer?

They prevent the loosening of a fastening assembly by absorbing the shock of vibrations in an application.

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SS wave washer vs stainless steel spring washer

SS Wave washers are a kind of spring washers. These are curved and hence, they act as a spring when pressure is applied along the axis of the threaded fastener. A stainless steel wave washer is less effective than a lock washer as compared to other spring-type washers because they do not produce a high degree of force as the others.