Stainless steel square pipe

stainless steel square pipe

What are SS square pipes?

Stainless pipes are some of the most used pipes in the world. Most industrial and domestic applications use generic stainless steel pipes. There are different grades of stainless steel in the ferritic and austenitic categories. The pipes also come in different cross-sectional shapes and sizes

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Round pipes are the most common. The stainless steel square pipe is used when extra strength is needed. Structural applications use square pipes more than transmission lines. The round pipes are easy to cold draw or hot roll than the square pipes. The production of SS square pipe sizes costs more than the round pipes. If the pipes are made from the same material, the square pipes would be stronger and more expensive.

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The Stainless steel 304 square pipe is made up of 8% nickel and 18% chromium with carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, and silicon in different quantities. This combination provides the pipes with 205MPa minimum yield strength, 515MPa tensile strength, and ductility. Welding, laser cutting, pipe bending, and pipe rolling are all used to change the angle of the pipes. The pipes can be bent with special equipment called tube bending machines. They can be bent with tube rollers as well. In other cases, the square pipes can be heated and bent at the point of interest. Cutting, welding, heating, machining, and forming can all be used in combination to bend the pipes. The Jindal steel square pipe 304 price depends on the added services applied to the pipes. Plain-ended pipes with no working done to have the least prices.

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Which cutting method is used to cut stainless steel 316 square pipe?

Manual cutting involves chrome-plated blades or nitrided saw blades to cut through the 316 pipes. The laser cutting is the most precise, but it also increases the SS steel square pipe price because of the expensive machinery needed for the work. Plasma cutting is equally powerful but cheaper. Water jet cutting reduces the cost and the 1 inch SS square pipe price can be lower when cut through water jets.

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The Stainless steel square pipe has a square cross-section and has some added strength over the round or oval shapes due the geometry of the pipes.

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Where exactly is the ss square tube suitable?

Stainless steels come in different grades and compositions. Depending on the composition, the SS square tube can be used in pressure operations, water treatment, food processing, processing liquids and gases, engine parts, and in marine and chemical industrial applications. The Stainless steel square tube prices also determine where the pipes can be used. The higher the alloying elements like nickel and chromium, the higher the price of the particular grade of pipe will be.

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