Stainless Steel Square Washer

Stainless Steel Square Washer

Stainless steel square plate washers suppliers in UAE

What is a stainless steel square washer?

As the name suggests, these fasteners have a square-shaped construction. Like most washers, they are thin plates with a central hole to permit the passage of bolts.

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Stainless Steel Square Washer Specifications

Stainless Steel Square Washer Chemical Composition

Stainless Steel Square Washer Mechanical Properties

Stainless Steel Square Washer Dimensions

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Stainless steel square plate washers are used?

Similar to conventional washers, they evenly distribute the load through their larger surface area. However, the difference between them both is that a Stainless Steel Square Washer is used for applications whose load distribution is larger or if the bolting is to be through a wall or timber.

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Why are tensile tests required for stainless square washers ?

These fasteners carry a large load. Hence, they need to be reliable before being used in any application. An unchecked fault or defect in the washer could cause failure in the entire set-up of the system. Which in turn could lead to large losses to the business.

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Stainless steel square washer drawing process

The production of every washer is different. In particular, square washers need to be produced using a die. The engineer is required to calculate the inner hole diameter, and the surface area of the washer and then produce a die that can punch out a square washer from a metal plate.

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Benefits of SS square washer

They have higher mechanical strength, making them capable to distribute larger loads evenly. They are versatile and can be used in multiple applications. Sometimes they may be preferred for their unique shape when the aesthetics are being considered.