Stainless steel strainer

Stainless steel strainer

What is stainless steel strainer?

Strainers are used to segregate the mesh and sediments from the fluid. The most commonly used strainer is Stainless steel strainer. The size of the holes may defer depending upon the application it is being used in.

Stainless steel has been used for ages due to its property of being resistant to corrosion, and high temperatures. They are used in various industries and are manufactured as per the requirement of the application. Stainless steel y strainers are widely used to remove unwanted sediments from liquid or gaseous lines.

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What is the main function of stainless steel y strainers?

They are cost effective straining solutions in straining liquid solutions. This helps in protecting the downstream process system component from sediment deposition, or unwanted sand, gravel, dirt or clogging.

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What are the benefits of a 316l y strainer?

This strainer can be installed in the either vertical or horizontal direction provided the screening element is down. 304 y strainer requires the screening element to be positioned down so that it allows the entrapped material to be properly collected in it.

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How does a stainless steel flanged y strainer work?

It allows the fluid to pass through the system while depositing the sand, gravel, and unwanted material down with it. This then needs to be cleaned to ensure a smooth flow of fluid. Stainless steel y type strainer uses perforated metal mesh to strain these elements. The captured material is then either released through the exhaust or put back into the system.

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Does a stainless steel foot valve strainer go on the flow or return?

Since this is a spring loaded non return valve it ensures that the file that is being drawn is free from any solid unwanted particles. This ensures that the particles in turn do not damage the system. Stainless steel foot valve strainers are said to be ideal for applications that work with corrosive fluid that need to be kept free from sediments.

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Advantages & disadvantages of AISI 316 y strainer check valve

A certain advantage of these valves is that it retains debris and particles that are larger than the screen size. Ss y-type strainer valve offer a mirror polish surface finish and internal finish and have a low pressure drop. They are widely used in piping systems of the food and beverage industry. This is because Stainless steel flanged y strainer is well suited for an industry that has to follow strict sanitary requirements.

Stainless steel flanged y strainer also comes with certain disadvantages such as they require frequent cleaning and are more expensive. Aisi 316 y strainer check valves are non magnetic and at times require thorough cleaning.