Stainless steel sweep outlet

Stainless steel sweep outlet

What is Stainless Steel Swept Outlet?

Produced with one end contoured, these stainless steel sweep outlet are popular in high-pressure applications. As a type of self-reinforced fitting, the UNS S31603 45 Degree Sweepolet is considered to be the toughest in-line welded joint connection.

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Why SS Sweepolet Use in High Pressure Applications?

The properties of the SS 316 Swept Outlet Fittings, whether corrosion resistance or tensile strength make them resilient to some types of corrosive environments. The chemical composition gives them enhanced strength. This coupled with their contoured shape and internally reinforced structure makes them fit in a snug manner on the run pipe. Therefore, the connection between the fitting and the pipe has high integrity, making them perfect for applications involving high pressure.

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Difference between UNS S31603 45 and 90 Deg Sweepolet?

Both olets change the flow of media, the main difference between them is the angle at which they change direction. While a 45-degree sweepolet changes the direction by 45 degrees, the AISI 321 SS 90 Deg Sweepolet is perpendicular and forms a right-angled connection.

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Installation Process Of Stainless Steel 304L Sweep Outlet

The first step to install ASME SA182 F904L Sweep Outlets is to prepare the run pipe by cutting a hole to make a branch connection. Pre-cut holes are not recommended because it may cause an issue while welding, especially if the hole in the run pipe is larger than the olet. To get an accurate measurement for the perforation, trace the circumference of the fitting from the inside of the olet. When the tracing has been made, cut a hole in the pipe. Before placing the stainless steel swept outlet on the run pipe, place a spacing weld wire on the hole. Then tack welds are applied to secure the fitting in place. Now take off the wire and use filler welds around the circumference of the fitting to form a connection. It is essential to clean the welded area, as it prevents intergranular corrosion.

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How To Calculate SS 316 Swept Outlet Fittings Weight?

The weight of any olet would require the wall thickness, length of the fitting, width or in this case diameter and density. The density of grade 316 ss is 0.285 lbs/in3. The value of a wall thickness can be obtained by reducing the outer and inner diameters. The product of all four values will determine the weight of an ASTM A182 F304 Sweepolet.

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How Do You Read ASTM A182 F304 Sweepolet Sizes?

Similar to weldolets, a Stainless Steel 304L Sweep Outlet can be designated by mentioning the run length by the branch length. So if the run pipe is 10” and the sweep outlet is 6”, the size would be read as a 10×6 sweepolet.