Stainless Steel U Bolts

Stainless Steel U Bolts

What is the purpose of SS u bolts?

Commonly seen in the power and telecommunication sectors, these fittings aid in anchoring pipes shaped in either round or square profiles.

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Stainless Steel U Bolts Specifications

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What are stainless steel u bolts?

Constructed in the shape of letters C or U (depending on the way it is placed), these fasteners are threaded on both ends. They do not have a head like a typical bolt. Nuts are used to fasten them at the end.

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What manufacturing process is used to make 304 stainless steel u bolts?

The manufacturing process for Stainless Steel U Bolts includes the following steps –
Cold Heading, Heat Treatment, Inspection, Wire Drawing, Packing, Surface Plating, and Insert tapping.

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What sizes do stainless steel square u bolts come in?

It is possible to customize the size of these bolts. However, commercially, they are available in the size range of M6 to M160.

SS u bolts clamp and large u bolts stainless steel as per ISO 4032, ISO 4033, ISO 4017, ISO7380

Can you use 316 stainless steel u bolt clamps on exhaust?

It is easier to install and remove a stainless steel u bolt clamp on the exhaust. They are a cheaper alternative to the exhaust band clamp and have good corrosion resistance properties.

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How do you attach SS u-bolt to wall?

Once the SS U-bolt is placed on the pole or pipe, its threads have to point toward the object being fastened. Move the stainless steel U-bolt clamp onto the part it is to be attached to while pushing the threaded ends of the fastener into the two holes of the U-bolt clamp. After placing a washer on both the threaded U-bolt ends, use a bolt to secure each threaded end. Next twist both bolts (one at a time) by hand in a clockwise direction until they fit snugly. You can tighten the bolts with a wrench keeping in mind the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the torque applied.