Stainless Steel Wood Screws

Stainless Steel Wood Screws

What are stainless steel wood screws?

These fasteners have a sharp pointed threaded shank, that makes it easier to join two pieces of wood together. Unlike some screws that have a fully threaded shank, Stainless Steel Wood Screws have a partially threaded shank. The unthreaded part of the shank is located just below its head permitting it to slide through the wooden component pulling it tightly to the wooden piece it is being fastened to.

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Stainless Steel Wood Screws Specifications

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Stainless Steel Wood Screws Mechanical Properties

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What are different types of SS wood screws?

There are several types of SS wood screws available in the market including countersunk, clutch head, hexagon head, pan head, round head, slotted, square drive, Torx pin, etc.

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How much smaller should a pilot hole be than the stainless steel wood screws pan head?

The type of wood will decide the pilot hole size that it needs to be screwed into. For instance, if the component is made from softwood, the drill used to make a pilot hole will be slightly smaller than the screw diameter. However, a drill bit for pilot holes in hardwood would have to be slightly larger compared to the screw diameter.

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What manufacturing process is used to make SS wood screws?

The manufacturing process for wood screws includes the following – Wire Drawing, Insert tapping, Cold Heading, Heat Treatment, and Surface Plating. After being plated, the wood screws are to undergo inspection.

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Difference between stainless steel allen head, flat head and round head wood screws

Allen head screws would require an Allen key during installation and removal because of the key slot recessed on its head. They are used in applications that need permanent, tamper-proof fastener assembly. Flat heads are used in applications where the screw needs to be as close to the surface of the object it is being fastened to. Whereas round-head screws have a recessed slot for a screwdriver to fasten it. They sit over the surface of the wooden component.

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What’s the difference between Stainless Steel metal screws and SS wood screws?

Compared to Stainless Steel metal screws, the threads in wood screws are of a coarser construction. Another difference is that ss wood screws are partially threaded while the metal type is fully threaded from its head to the tip of its shank.

What is the application of 316 SS wood screws?

Grade 316 stainless steel wood screws are preferred for their resistance to corrosion. They may be used in the construction of boats and ships. The alloy can resist corrosion in salt water and in freshwater streams, making them ideal for marine engineering projects. These screws may also be used in the food processing industry.