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 Fasteners Specifications

What are Industrial Steel Fasteners?

Industrial steel fasteners are a broad category of devices that connect different equipment. Industrial Fasteners are tools that can strongly affix material either in a permanent or semi-permanent way. These fasteners are mechanical in nature and can secure wood, metal, concrete, plastic, etc. The common type of fasteners are nuts, bolts, hinges, studs, flanges, screws, etc. Contact verified fasteners manufacturers who supply the best devices that are strong and can securely hold material for long periods.

steel fasteners


Metric vs imperial fasteners

Metric and imperial fasteners are two methods of measuring fasteners. An imperial fastener is used as a measurement only in the United States. Metric fasteners, on the contrary, can be used across different countries. For selecting a wide variety of sizes and a small range of applications than metric fasteners are a good choice.


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Are metric and imperial screws interchangeable?

Generally, Screws are designed in the imperial and metric specifications. Both these standards can’t be used interchangeably due to different thread profiles and pitches. Get connected with genuine Nut bolt suppliers who keep stock of products of different sizes and shapes to suit customer requirements.


Are M6 and 1/4 bolts the same?

An M6 is of the same specification as 1/4 bolts and can be rattly fitted together.


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What is a Standard Screw Size ?

Standard Screw Size

How to choose the Right Bolt Size in petrochemical industry for flanged connections?

Selecting the right bolt size is important to maintain optimal efficiency in the petrochemical industry. Listed below are important steps. First, identify the load case and determine the clamping force in the joint. Next is to select the smallest bolt diameter to support the load of the clamp. Finally, the best way to secure and tighten the bolt should be identified. Send RFQ to fasteners suppliers in UAE who supply quality assured products.


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Bolt And Nut Coating

Bolt And Nut Coating


What are different types of bolt heads?

A bolt is a long metal piece that is used to affix metal using a nut. Bolts come in various shapes and sizes to join different materials. Industrial bolts and fasteners heads are commonly seen in flat, oval, pan, hex, slotted hex washer, and socket cap. The other types of Bolts and nuts are truss, round, and button bolt heads.


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Industrial Fasteners Latest Price list

Product Price
SS 316 S Hook with 440 lb Working Load Limit and size 2 7/16 in x 2 in; PK1 $9.75 / each
SS 316 Barrel Bolt 8-32, PK5 $10.70 / pkg. of 5
Stainless Steel 316 Grating Clip; PK25 $77.01 / 25 pkg.
316 SS Shoulder Screw, 3/4 in Shoulder Length, 1/2 in Shoulder Dia $16.42 / pkg. of 2
316 Stainless Steel Plain Drop Forged Eye Nut 3/8-16, EA1 $23.25 / each
SS 316 Bolt 1/4, Split Lock Washer $0.35 / each
316 Stainless Steel with Plain Finish Undersized Key Stock 12 in $23.25 / each
316 SS Shoulder Screw, 1/2 in Shoulder Length, 1/8 in Shoulder Dia $20.25 / each
316 SS Barrel Bolt 6-32, PK5 $10.10 / pkg. of 5
316 SS Bolt 3/8, Lock Washer, PK50 $4.16 / pkg. of 50
3/4-10 Plain 316 Stainless Steel Drop Forged Eye Nut, EA1 $41.00 / each
316 SS Bolt #10 Split Lock Washer, PK50 $1.39 / pkg. of 50
316 SS Split Lock Washer, Bolt 3/8, PK50 $34.17 / pkg. of 50
316 SS 1/4-20 Barrel Bolt, PK5 $32.00 / pkg. of 5
316 SS 1/4-20 Architectural Bolt $13.20 / each


Which bolt material is good for High Temperature Services?

Which bolt material is good for High Temperature Services?