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Pipe Flange Gaskets

Pipe Flange Gaskets

Ring Type Joint Gaskets

Ring Type Joint Gaskets

R Type Gasket

R Type Gasket

Bx Type Ring Joint Gaskets

Bx Type Ring Joint Gaskets


Rx Type Ring Joint Gaskets

Rx Type Ring Joint Gaskets



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What is a Gasket?

A Gasket is a deformable elastomeric material designed in a shape of a ring or sheet. The gaskets fill space between two or more mating surfaces. These Gaskets and seals help prevent leakage as two objects are joined under compression. The gaskets are generally designed using Rubber gasket material, metal, cork, neoprene, carbon fiber, glass, cellulose, silicon, and other fibrous material. The materials are preferred for their characteristics and resistance to temperatures and pressures. Non-metallic gaskets are also available that help reduces distortion while accommodating thermal expansion and contraction.


Why you should install a gasket on a flange?

Flanges are important devices that connect different piping equipment. Pipe flange gaskets act as sealing objects that are positioned between connecting flanges. This helps create a permanent seal to prevent any leakage. A Flange ff gasket installation should begin by ensuring a mating surface comes together. Ensure there is no excessive friction on the pipe reducing leakage or fracture.

The bolt holes are lined once the Pn16 flange gasket is in operation with the standard distance width that holds the flange. The flange is fastened using two holes into the gaskets, ensuring there are two bolt holes. They can be later wrenched and fastened. Most Gasket for flange doesn’t require any lubrication.




Advantages & disadvantages of pipe flange gaskets

A Flange joint gasket helps prevent any leakage in the system. These gaskets have excellent corrosion resistance properties, making them a good choice in the industry. The Lap joint flange gasket can handle higher temperature applications, allowing them to be used in toxic environments. A Natural gas flange gasket material is designed to respond to a build-up of pressure.

A Jis 10k flange gasket may have issues from failure due to excessive pressure conditions. Some of the gaskets may be thicker, leading to inadequate load or bolt load. Tongue and groove flange gasket may also wear down over time leading to failures.


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Do You know What are Gaskets Cutting Procedure ?

Gasket Cutting Procedure


Buy metallic, semi-metallic and non-metallic gaskets with Leak-proofness test reports


What are Common Gaskets Leak Symptoms ?

Gasket Leak Symptoms


Understand What is Gaskets Inspection and Testing Procedure ?

Inspection and Test of Gaskets Inspection TPI Vendor Client
Gaskets dimensional and visual control H H R
Gaskets MTC(with heat treatment records) H H R
Gaskets coating, painting, color coding and marking check W H R
when specified Gaskets alloy verification W H R
prior to release Gaskets documentation review (last activity of Inspection) H H R
final Gaskets visual inspection (include marking,tagging ) H H R
Pre-shipment Inspection of Gaskets H H R



  • R: Review
  • W: Witness point
  • H: Hold Point


Buy Rubber gasket material for high temperature and high pressure up to Class 2500


Which gasket is used for high temperature & high pressure application?

Graphite or metallic gaskets work well in high temperature and pressure applications. High temperature gasket material creates an initial point of contact to contain the fluid media once the connection surfaces touch. This material has an ovular or octagonal cross section. The Industrial gasket is commonly seen in oil, gas, and industrial systems where they are secured using high tension bolting.


What is the maximum temperature Teflon gasket?

A Teflon gasket can work in temperatures between -73⁰C to 204 degrees C.


High temp gasket available in various types including Soft, Ring Joint, Spiral, buy Tongue and groove flange gasket in various standard & custom sizes


What are Standards of Pipe Gaskets?

Standards of Pipe Gaskets


High temp gasket Size Range

NPS Gasket ID


Gasket OD (inches) mm
Class 600 Class 300 Class 150 Class 400 Class 900
1 1.31 2.875 2.875 2.625 2.875 3.125
3/4 1.06 2.625 2.625 2.25 2.625 2.75
1/2 0.84 2.125 2.125 1.875 2.125 2.50
1 1/4 1.66 3.25 3.25 3 3.25 3.50
2 2.38 4.375 4.375 4.125 4.375 5.625
2 1/2 2.88 5.125 5.125 4.875 5.125 6.50
10 10.75 15.75 14.25 13.375 14.125 17.125
1 1/2 1.91 3.75 3.75 3.375 3.75 3.875
4 4.50 7.625 7.125 6.875 7.00 8.125
3 3.50 5.875 5.875 5.375 5.875 6.625
6 6.62 10.50 9.875 8.75 9.75 11.375
5 5.56 9.50 8.50 7.75 8.375 9.75
8 8.62 12.625 12.125 11 12.00 14.125
12 12.75 18.00 16.625 16.125 16.50 19.625


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