Stock finish flange

stock finish flange

What is a stock finish flange?

A stock finish is a widespread finish that is seen across different applications. The Stock Finish Flange is well suited for different service conditions. When a compressive force is subjected to the Stock Finish Flange Face a seal is created. Here, a high level of friction is generated across the mating surfaces. The finish is produced utilizing a 1/16-nosed round radius tool and is fed at 1/32 per revolution. This will result in a roughness of the Stock Finish Blind Flange between Ra 3.2 to 12.5 micrometers.

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Stock Finish Flange specification

Stock Finish Flange Specification

Stock Finish Flange Surface

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How do you classify stock finish flange face?

The stock finish of a flange is a standard finish that is practically used in ordinary service conditions. The face can be available in flat, raised, and rtj face specifications.

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How to check the right stock finish flange?

The finish of a stock finish flange determines the final quality of the flange. A standard stock finish can be used in almost all conditions making selecting them very easy and straightforward. However, the irregularities in the surface impact the effectiveness of the gasket.

Stainless Steel stock finish blind flange and Alloy steel SF socket weld flange in accordance with ASME B16.5/ ANSI B16.47 specification

What are the advantages of stock finish flange?

A stock finish flange is the most common finish in the industry. The Stock Finish Slip On Flange is suitable for various ordinary service conditions. The flanges have a good finish and create a seal having a higher level of friction.

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Is the stock finish flange suitable for the oil and gas industry?

The stock finish flange is well suited to all service conditions like oil and gas industries. A Stock Finish Weld Neck Flange is suited for soft face gaskets. Here, a high level of friction is generated between the mating flanges.

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What can cause stock finish flange to rust?

The stock finish rusts when they are exposed to harsh environments. The Stock Finish Socket Weld Flange can also rust when it is used in extreme temperatures and pressures, resulting in scaling. The rusting of the metal can be prevented by taking protective measures to prevent corrosion.