What are strainers?

Liquids are used in many industrial, commercial and domestic applications. There are different components involved in the operation of such fluid flow systems. The strainers are used in these applications to make sure that there are no or fewer impurities, clogging, and blocking of the systems. A Y strainer is a Y-shaped equipment that has the liquid flowing in and then filtered out through a metal wire mesh inside the sticking-out part of the strainer and then the filtered liquid is sent out. There are valves that have strainers in them and those valves can facilitate the filtering and control of the flow at the same time. The Strainer valve is useful to maintain the flow in a system where strains are expected

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What kind of end connections are available in the y pattern strainer?

Y strainer valve has a flanged, threaded or welded end connection. The strainer is connected to the pipe by bolts and nuts. If the strainer has flanges on both ends, then the pipes have flanges at the ends as well. These two flanges are connected tougher with bolts and nuts and the space between is covered with a gasket. The Y type strainer are used to filter out and keep the debris from a flowing liquid inside the pipe, without having to open the liquid to outer environment. The strainers can then be removed and the debris cleaned out.

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What are typical y strainer applications?

The fluid flow applications are often connected to a power source and a machine to power the flow. To create the pressure required, the pipes are connected to pumps. The Wye strainer can save the pump from jamming due to debris and solid particles that were not expected. There are meters, measuring devices, and controllers such as diaphragm valves in applications where these components can be easily damaged or misbehave if there are particles in the flowing liquid. The Steam strainer is used to remove the solids from the steam. This will make sure that the equipment connected to the system is safe to operate because the strainer arrests the unwanted particles in the way.

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How to clean the strainer valve?

The strainers are capturing all the dirt and keep them within. The Foot valve with strainer can keep the accumulated dirt and debris in it without leaking those out to the foot valve. The strainer can be opened up and the strain is cleaned. Running water is often enough to clean the strainer. You can also apply pressure to the Flanged y strainer in the opposite direction, after removing it from the system to clean out the strainer.

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What is a flanged y strainer used for in piping?

Flanged strainers can be fitted easily and strongly. The Foot strainer is attached to the pipe flange with the help of a gasket and bolts and nuts. When needed, the strainer can be removed from the line and cleaned up. The Gas strainer valve is easy to install and uninstall if it has a flanged connection. The flanges also make the strainer strong and the connection leak-proof. The cap of the strainer is designed to be removed after stopping the flow inside the pipe.

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What is the function of a wye strainer?

In gas, liquid and thick fluid applications, there are unwanted particles, floating particles and suspending particles. Naturally, these occur and start blocking the piping components. So there has to be a mechanism and the Y pattern strainer is connected before the components to be saved. So, the fluid passes the strainer first before going through the sensitive valves, pumps or meters. This allows the equipment to function properly. So the sole purpose of a strainer in a pipe system is to arrest unwanted particles, so that they can be taken out of the fluid flow system safely.

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