Structural bolts

Structural Bolts

What are structural bolts?

The structural bolt covers hex head bolt specifications. These Structural Bolts are employed to create strong mechanical connections. They help create either a permanent or temporary connection. The Structural Lag Bolts are designed in standard sizes from 1/2 to 1-1/2. These bolts are typically longer than those available in the market. Structural Bolts And Nuts create a strong connection joint and don’t loosen due to vibration or sudden movements. The versatile Metric Structural Bolts can be fastened using a hex or Allen key. These bolt fit in compact spaces and are very reliable. The Structural Blind Bolt can be coated with different protective coats that give them a longer service life.

Structural Lag Screws specifications, dimensions, tolerance and weight

Structural Bolts Specifications

Structural Bolts Dimensions

Structural Bolt Weight Chart

Structural Lag Screws Length Tolerance

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Which type of bolt is a structural steel bolt?

The structural steel bolt types are ASTM F3125 heavy hex bolt grade A325 and A490 specifications. Similarly, F3125 tension control bolt cover F1852 and F2280 grades. These Structural Steel Bolt cover type 1- medium carbon and alloy steel, while type 3- weathering steel.

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What are structural anchor bolts used for?

The structural anchor bolt is used to affix structural and non-structural equipment to concrete. These Structural Anchor Bolt are also a feature in construction units, industrial systems, commercial equipment, etc.

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What are the disadvantages of heavy hex structural bolts?

The heavy hex structural bolt is designed having a raised thickness and size. These Heavy Hex Structural Bolts require special tools to affix them. Since they use tools like hex, socket, or Allen keys, they are difficult to work in compact spaces.

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What is the manufacturing process of stainless steel structural bolts?

A SS structural bolt can be produced by cutting, casting, or forging the bolts. The Stainless Steel Structural Bolts can also be hot or cold rolled to meet the desired properties. After this process, they can be heat treated or surface treated.

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How much weight can structural lag screws hold?

A structural lag screw weight-holding capacity is based on the size and the surface quality of the grade. Generally, the Structural Lag Screws can hold anywhere between 600 to 35,000 lbs or more.

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