Super Duplex 2507 plate

super duplex 2507 plate

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Super duplex 2507 plate specifications, thickness, chemical composition, mechanical properties and equivalent grades | Find latest price of genuine suppliers

Super Duplex 2507 Plate Specification

Super Duplex 2507 Plate Properties

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What are the properties of a super duplex 2507 plate?

  • Super duplex 2507 plate has excellent resistance to various forms of corrosion such as pitting, and crevice corrosion.
  • 2507 plate has a minimum yield strength of 550 MPa (megapascals) and a minimum tensile strength of 795 MPa.
  • 25cr super duplex annealed plate consists of an approximately equal proportion of ferrite and austenite.
  • 2507 super duplex stainless steel plates exhibit excellent toughness and can withstand mechanical stress without fracturing.
  • 2507 stainless steel cold rolled plate offers good weldability, allowing for the fabrication of complex structures and joining with other components.


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Are 2507 plates ferromagnetic? What are the common applications?

2507 stainless steel sheet generally displays excellent ferromagnetic properties. The magnetic properties of the 1.4507 super duplex clad plate are due to the presence of a significant amount of ferrite in their microstructure.

2507 super duplex strip finds applications in various industries and environments that require high corrosion resistance and strength. They are widely used in offshore platforms and oil and gas processing facilities due to their excellent resistance to corrosive environments.

Alloy 2507 coil plates are utilized in chemical plants, reactors, and piping systems where resistance to corrosive chemicals is essential. They are best for environments involving corrosive materials such as pulp digesters, bleach plants, and papermaking machinery.


super duplex 2507 plate


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What is the yield strength and velocity for a duplex 2507 sheet?

The minimum yield strength of the DIN 1.4507 2b finish sheet generally ranges around 550 MPa (megapascals) or 80 ksi (kips per square inch). This implies that the material will deform plastically when subjected to a stress equal to or greater than this value.

The velocity of sound in the duplex 2507 rolling plate can be estimated using the average density and elastic modulus of the material. The density of this grade of duplex SS is typically around 7.8 g/cm³. The elastic modulus, which represents the material’s stiffness is usually 200 GPa.


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What is the formula for the weight of a 2507 stainless steel sheet? How to calculate the price per kg?

This is the formula with the help of which you can accurately calculate the weight of an ASTM A240 F53 plate –

Weight = Length in meters × Width in meters × Thickness in meters × Density in kg/m³ Of The Super Duplex SS Material

To calculate the price per kilogram of the plate, find out the price of the sheet by referring to the per unit per sheet or meter. The formula for accurately calculating the price per kg of this SS grade is Total Price / Weight.


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What are the features of super duplex 1.4501 plates?

  • Super duplex 1.4501 foil exhibits exceptional resistance to corrosion, especially in chloride-rich and acidic environments. This super duplex SS grade exhibits great resistance against pitting, crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking.
  • This super duplex SS grade has more chromium and molybdenum content in comparison to other standard duplex SS grades.
  • This super duplex SS grade has excellent tensile and yield strength, making it best for applications where structural integrity and durability are required.
  • This SS grade exhibits excellent heat resistance due to which it can maintain its mechanical properties even at elevated temperatures areas.
  • EN 1.4410 shim stock possesses improved toughness compared to other SS grades and can withstand impact loads and harsh conditions.
  • This super duplex SS sheet is commonly used in various sectors including oil and gas, chemical processing, pulp, and paper industries.