Super Duplex plate

super duplex plate

What is the super duplex plate ?

The super duplex plate is dual certified austenitic and ferritic grade. A super duplex plate is designed with a chemical composition of chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and other constituting alloys. This gives it good corrosion and oxidation resistance properties across harsh environments. The super duplex stainless steel plate is tolerant to chloride stress corrosion cracking, crevice corrosion and has superior strength. The plates are used in applications up to 600 degrees f.

The Super Duplex Plate can be processed in either hot or cold rolling procedures. This helps enhance their performance and strength. Super duplex cold rolled plate has a low rate of thermal expansion with excellent weldability and workability in the system. The Super Duplex Sheet can be either solution annealed or quenched after these processes. The solution annealing process takes place at 1925 degrees f. The SDSS foil annealing process is swiftly followed by a rapid air or water quenching. The products should be pickled or rinsed for maximum corrosion resistance. The Super Duplex Perforated Sheet can be availed in a range of sizes as per customer requirements.

The super duplex plate material has excellent mechanical and physical allowing them to be used in different conditions. The super duplex specifications come in different grades- s32750 and s32760 being the most popular. The robust Super Duplex Stainless Steel Sheet singapore can be customized as per requirements.

The super duplex plate uk is in high demand due to the huge industry in these parts. This is why the rate of these plates is high. The super duplex plate suppliers uk have plates of different sizes starting at $9.87 per kg. The cost however can increase based on additional alloying requirements.

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Super duplex vs duplex

The Super duplex vs duplex are popular material. The super duplex steel plate has superior chemical content that gives it better corrosion resistance properties than the duplex grade. They also showcase better strength and are very useful in marine environments where the Super Duplex Plate Material would struggle.


Various types of super duplex plate


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What is the delivery condition of the super duplex stainless steel plate?

The super duplex stainless steel plate can be delivered in hot or cold rolled conditions. Normalized, annealed, and soft annealed or other conditions are also possible as per customer requirements. They can be availed in different surface finish like Super Duplex 2b finish sheet, 2d, no1, etc.


super duplex plate


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Why is the super duplex sheet suitable to use only in the 316 degree celsius temperature range?

The super duplex sheets are prone to embrittlement that is caused by spinodal decomposition at temperatures above 316 degrees c. The high temperature will affect Super Duplex Sheet mechanical performance, hardness, and impact toughness. It will also affect the corrosion resistance properties of the SDSS sheet to a lesser extent.


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What qualities does the super duplex steel plate have?

The super duplex steel plate has an excellent chemical composition that gives it good corrosion resistance properties. It has high strength and is tolerant to chloride pitting and stress corrosion cracking. The plates have good workability and are resistant to crevice corrosion in harsh environments. The combination of austenitic and ferritic structures gives the super duplex stainless steel sheet unique properties. Apart from this, they show good weldability and have excellent response to heat treatment procedures.


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What is the super duplex stainless steel sheet price difference between India and Qatar?

The price of the super duplex stainless steel sheet in India is $7.27 per kg. The price of a similar sheet in Qatar is $8.97 per kg. Based on the size, thickness and any customization influence the super duplex price per kg across different countries.