Super duplex threaded rod

Super Duplex Threaded Rod

What is a super duplex threaded rod?

A super duplex threaded rod is threaded across its length. The Super Duplex Threaded Rod allows for connection with different equipment. These rods can be threaded across both ends with nuts and washers. Duplex 2507 Double Ended Threaded Rod has superior corrosion resistance properties and works in harsh environments. These rods can create either permanent or temporary connections. The Alloy 2507 ACME Threaded Rod bolsters good mechanical properties and tolerances. These rods have excellent strength and work in temperatures up to 600 degrees F. A 2507 Stainless Steel Metric Threaded Rod has good workability and is available in different sizes and specifications.

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Super Duplex Threaded Rod Specifications

Super Duplex Threaded Rod Properties

What are super duplex steel stud bolts?

A super duplex stud bolt is a fastener that is partially threaded and fastened with a nut. The Super Duplex Stud Bolts can handle structural loads in non-bearing conditions. These bolts provide the ability to get accurate torque values. S32750 Stainless Steel Fully Threaded Studs have good mechanical properties and are used in different applications.

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Is UNS S32760 studs hardened?

The UNS S32760 studs are not usually hardened due to the heat treatment process. UNS S32760 Studs can be work hardened by solution treating or annealed after heating at 1100 degrees C followed by cooling.

Super Duplex Threaded Rod types

Duplex 2507 Threaded Rod

Duplex 2507 Threaded Rod

Super Duplex Full Threaded Stud

Super Duplex Full Threaded Stud

UNS S32750 all thread rods and duplex 2507 double ended threaded rods are available in sizes of M6 to M52 & 1/4″ to 2″.

What is the diameter of S32750 super duplex stainless steel threaded bar?

An S32750 super duplex SS threaded bar is designed in standard diameters of M6 to M42. The S32750 Super Duplex Stainless Steel Threaded Bar has a pitch thread from 1mm to 4.50mm.

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What are the disadvantages of UNS S32750 all thread rod?

The UNS S32750 all thread rod has poor impact toughness at lower temperatures below -50 degrees C. A UNS S32750 All Thread Rod may loosen when exposed to vibrations and stress. These rods also corrode when exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

Check specification, weight chart of 2507 stainless steel metric threaded rod, UNS S32750 fully threaded studs and DIN 1.4410 ultra fine threaded rod

How much force can a S32750 tap end stud bolts hold?

A tap end of the super duplex bolt can hold 80 to 100 pounds of force. The size of the S32750 Tap End Stud Bolts dictates its force holding capacity.