Super duplex tube fittings

Super duplex tube fittings

Super duplex tube fittings are composed of 19-28% chromium and up to 5% molybdenum and lower nickel contents. Super duplex stainless steel compression fittings are durable and provide strong connections. They work efficient up to a limited range of temperature up to 300°C. Super Duplex material instrumentation tube fittings have limited cryogenic temperature up-50°C. Designed with strong mechanical properties Super Duplex compression fittings are capable of maintaining their strength in harsh environmental conditions also.

Super Duplex instrumentation fittings are widely used in the desalination plants, heat exchangers, pipe system, oil, gas, chemical processing industries, also the rotors, shaft and hydraulic lines also utilize these tube fittings.

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SDSS single ferrule and double ferrule fittings suppliers in UAE

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Specification of Super duplex tube fittings

Sizes in Inch Sizes in mm Melting Point
  • 1/8 inch – 2 inch
  • 3 – 50mm
  • 1350°C (2460°F)
Ends Pressure Rating SDSS instrumentation fittings thread specification
  • Threaded
  • Welding
  • Socket weld
  • Butt weld
  • JIC
  • PSI – 300
  • PSI – 1000
  • PSI – 3000
  • PSI – 6000
  • PSI – 10000
  • NPT – American National Pipe Thread, ANSI B1.20.1
  • BSPT / ISO Taper Pipe Thread – British Standard Pipe Taper Thread
    BS 21, DIN 2999, ISO 7/1, IS 554, JIS B0203
  • Unified (SAE) – ANCI B1.1
  • ISO Parallel Pipe Thread – British Standard Pipe Thread
    ISO 228/1, JIS B 0202, BS 2779, DIN 259, IS 2643
  • UNC thread – ASME B 1.1 Class 2a



Equivalent to Equivalent standard Grades of Super duplex tube fittings
  • DK-LOK
  • HOKE

Above equivalent material available with the listed Super duplex tube fittings suppliers & stockholder in Dubai at

  • ASME SA182/182M F53
  • ASTM A182/182M F53
  • UNS S32750
  • UNS S32760
International Standard SDSS compression fittings types
  • ECE R110
  • NACE MR0175
  • EC-79
  • ISO 15156
  • DIN EN 4401
  • Front Ferrule
  • Super duplex Union
  • Back Ferrule
  • Union Tee
  • Coupling Cap
  • Reducing Union Tee
  • Reducing Union
  • Union Elbow
  • Bulkhead Union
  • SDSS Bulkhead Reducing Union
  • Fitting End Closure
  • Tube End Closure
  • Super duplex 45 Male Elbow
  • Male Connector
  • O – Seal Male Adaptor
  • Positionable Male Run Tee
  • Super duplex Female Adaptor
  • Male Adaptor
  • Super duplex Reducer
  • Bulkhead Reducer
  • Super duplex Cross
  • Bulkhead Male Connector
  • Reducing Cross
  • Butt Weld Pipe Elbow
  • O – Seal Male Connector
  • Positionable Male Elbow
  • Positionable Male Branch Tee
  • SDSS Male Branch Tee
  • Butt Weld Pipe Connector
  • Female Connector
  • Socket Weld Tube Connector
  • Socket Weld Tube Elbow
  • Female Run Tee
  • Bulkhead Female Connector
  • Female Elbow
  • SDSS Female Branch Tee
Other trade name Applications Manufacturing techniques
  • Super duplex Instrumentation fittings
  • SDSS hydraulic fittings
  • Super duplex Ferrule fittings
  • Flare fittings (JIC/ AN fittings)
  • Single ferrule fittings
  • Double ferrule fittings
  • Super duplex Compression fittings
  • SDSS twin ferrule fittings
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Pipes in processes containing chlorides
  • Heat exchangers
  • Cargo tanks (piping for chemical tankers)
  • Shafts and hydraulic lines
  • Forged
  • Cold drawing
  • CNC Precision machined
Connection type Key advantages Medium
  • Male
  • Male to female
  • Female
  • Male to male
  • High strength
  • High resistance to stress corrosion cracking
  • High resistance to crevice corrosion resistance
  • High resistance to corrosion fatigue and erosion
  • Excellent resistance to chloride stress-corrosion cracking
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Gas
Marking on super duplex instrumentation fittings Minimum Quantity Free Sample
  • Size
  • Material
  • Heat code
  • Manufacturers/ suppliers name & logo
  • 10 Pcs or contact below listed SDSS compression fittings manufacturers for special request
  • Yes, you can directly contact to below listed verified super duplex tube fittings suppliers in UAE for a quick quote and free sample
Packing details
  • Wooden box
  • Carton

Find tips and trick to stop leakage from genuine super duplex compression fittings suppliers

There are several measures that needs to be considered in order to stop Super Duplex grade hydraulic fittings from leaking:

  • Properly utilizing of reliable connectors such as BSPP, SAE four-bolt, UN-O-ring and ORFS as these involves an elastomeric seal which provides excellent seal reliability.
  • Do not use tapered- thread connectors such as BSPT and NPT which are considered as least reliable type of connector because this thread provides path for spiral leakage.
  • Using a smaller number of connectors and utilizing cartridge valves, stack valves and manifold at some joints.
  • Fittings must not be over-tightened which can distort ferrules and seals leading to cracking of flared ends and metal fatigue.
  • Tube fittings must be compatible.
  • Torque them correctly
  • Maintaining the machine with cool temperature.

Be alert and careful towards short-circuit vibration, if short-circuit vibration observed quickly shut down the system.

Parker/ Swagelok equivalent super duplex male connector for maximum working pressure at the best price in Dubai

The prime function of a Super Duplex male connector is to prove secure connection between the two tubes. The method involves the male connector is fitted into the female end of tube fitting and then tightened them to provide a secure seal by connecting both the tubes and prevent leakage. Have excellent workability and weldability properties.

Super duplex instrumentation fittings and SDSS high pressure compression fittings for failure-free operation

Super Duplex compression fittings are highly resistance to crevice and pitting corrosion hence widely used in the seawater and marine applications. Due to their strong oxidation property, they prevent the material from rusting. SDSS high pressure compression fittings are composed of high tensile strength and resistance against many stress conditions. Exhibits excellent hardness provide easy installation and maintenance.

Super duplex steel flare & pneumatic fittings in UNF, NPT(M), NPT(F), BSPT, SAE, AN, BSPP, ISO thread for hydraulic

The difference between super duplex steel flare compression, hydraulic, and pneumatic fittings is basically depended of the industrial applications and their respective properties.

  • Super Duplex Flare fittings- used for high pressure applications, commonly used in hydraulic systems which requires a flaring tool for installing it.
  • Super Duplex Compression fittings- have low pressure applications widely used in the instrumental systems which requires a compression tool to install it.
  • SDSS Hydraulic fittings- utilized in the hydraulic systems and comes different types which includes PTFE hose, crimp, field attachable hose, etc.
  • Super Duplex Pneumatic fittings- are used in the pneumatic systems and comes in several types which includes flare fittings, face seal fittings, swivel fittings, weld fittings, etc.

Super duplex instrumentation tube to male pipe thread

  • Bulkhead union
  • Instrumentation male elbow
  • Super duplex union elbow
  • Front ferrule
  • Bulkhead reducing union
  • Bulkhead elbow
  • Instrumentation back ferrule
  • Super duplex Fitting end closure
  • Coupling cap (nuts)
  • Instrumentation union
  • Instrumentation reducing union
  • Instrumentation union tee
  • Super duplex Union cross
  • O seal male connector
  • Male connector
  • Positionable male elbow

Super duplex instrumentation tube to female pipe thread

  • 45 Deg. Instrumentation Male Elbow
  • 45 Deg Positionable Male Elbow
  • Instrumentation Female Connector
  • Super duplex Female Manometer Connector
  • Bulkhead Instrumentation Male Connector
  • Bulkhead Female Connector
  • Male Run Tee
  • Positionable Branch Tee
  • Instrumentation Female Run Tee
  • Positionable Male Run Tee
  • Super duplex Female Branch Tee
  • Super duplex Male Branch Tee
  • O Seal Male Adapter
  • Instrumentation Female Elbow
  • Reducing Union Tee
  • Instrumentation Male Adapter

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