Swage nipple

Swage nipple

What is swage nipple?

A swage nipple connects a socket-welded or screwed pipe to a butt-welded pipe. It is similar to a reducer in appearance. Identical to the reducer, the swage nipple is likewise offered in concentric and eccentric varieties.

Additionally, various diameters and other pertinent conditions are offered for these swage nipples. These were created utilizing premium raw materials and modern equipment and procedures.


  • It has adequate working strength.
  • Have outstanding corrosion resistance.
  • Superior toughness.
  • Closes with tremendous tenacity.

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Swage nipple specification

Swage nipple dimensions

Refer to ASME B16.11 concentric swage nipple dimensions, weight, and pressure rating

What is difference between concentric and eccentric swage nipple?

Swage nipples are used to join two pipes of various diameters and to adjust the pipe’s diameter.

Swage nipples are separated into concentric and eccentric varieties. Eccentric swage nipples are often utilized in horizontal pipelines, whereas concentric swage nipples are typically used for vertical pipelines. The concentric reducer keeps the same centerline through the fitting’s big and trim ends.

Contrarily, the eccentric reducer includes offset centerlines that, depending on how the fitting is rolled before welding, will provide a flat surface on either the top or bottom of the fitting.

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Where to buy swage nipple?

Nipples are a popular component used in high-pressure testing to connect pipe fittings.

Swages are frequently employed along with high-pressure tubing in a high-pressure testing system when there is a transition between two diameters or pressure levels in a line.

The premium raw materials used to create the variety of Threaded swage nipples supplied are acquired from trustworthy market suppliers. Additionally, the provided Pipe Nipples can be ordered in various sizes, grades, standards, and dimensions.

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What are the different end connections available in swage nipple?

Below is a list of Swage nipple threaded one end and swage nipples end connection kinds and acronyms.

  • 1) P.B.E stands for “Plain Both Ends”.
  • 2) P.L.E stands for “Plain Large End”.
  • 3) P.S.E stands for “Plain Small End”.
  • 4) B.B.E stands for “Bevelled Both Ends”.
  • 5) B.L.E stands for “Bevelled Large End”.
  • 6) B.S.E stands for “Bevelled Small End”.
  • 7) T.B.E stands for “Threaded Both Ends”.
  • 8) T.L.E stands for “Threaded Large Ends”.
  • 9) T.S.E stands for “Threaded Small Ends”.
  • 10) B.O.E stands for “Bevelled One End”.
  • 11) P.O.E stands for “Plain One End”.
  • 10) T.O.E stands for “Threaded One End”.
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What is swage nipple manufacturing process?

Swage nipples, also known as decreasing nipples, are constructed from seamless pipes or forgings, with one end having a large diameter and the other a tiny one.

The swage nipple’s end is threaded, beveled, and plain. Reducing swage nipples serve the same purpose as reducers; the main distinction is that they are often used to join socket-welded or screwed pipe to butt-welded pipe.

Swages connect larger screwed or socket-welded pipes to smaller screwed or socket-welded lines. They are similar to reducers but smaller. Swages are available with several end types.

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What are advantages and where to use reducing swage nipple?

The two crucial components of pipe fittings are the swage nipple and steel reducer. They are used in pipe fittings, such as elbows and tees, to change the direction of the flow. These devices may alter the socket weld swage nipple capacity and connect to other parts like couplings.

  • 1. There is very little chance of leaking.
  • 2. The best pressure shock and anti-vibration performance.
  • 3. It can adapt to temperature changes that are high, low, and cyclical the best.
  • 4. It can guarantee that the piping system is clean.

They are used to fit pipes or hoses with straight ends. The working pressure of pipe nipples will vary depending on factors like size, construction, temperature, and the product being transported.