Swaging boiler tubes

Swaging Boiler Tubes

What are swaging boiler tubes?

By swaging and curving the edges of the boiler tubes with a swaging device, they will be kept in place. The end plates will be kept in place automatically as a result.
Boiler Producers frequently switch among tube-to-tube measurements using Swaging Boiler Tubes ends (OD variations). A tubing or pipeline ends is squeezed by a die or sequence of dies using hydraulic pressure to expand or reduce the outside diameter (OD).
In order to place over another tubing having the same diameter and form a durable rewelded attachment, swaging devices exert force on the ends of the tubing to extend or enlarge Swaged End Boiler Tube.

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Swaging boiler tubes dimensions, and specification

Swaging Boiler Tubes Specification

Swaging Boiler Tubes Hardness and Heat Treatment

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What is the swaging process?

Swaging, also known as termed “swedge,” is a metal-forming technology in which the metals from one portion are compressed, hammered, or forced through a die so that it fits around with another section. Swaging is different from hammering because the swaged material is chill-worked and the completed shape is typically the result of the swaging tube process.
Swaging can generally be divided into two types as a production process:

  • Swaging is a procedure that works similarly to pulling wire in that the product is extruded and forced through a limiting die to shrink its diameter. The term “tube swaging” may also be used to describe this.
  • Another round workpiece is hammered between two or more dies to reduce its diameter.

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What is the max hardness of swaged boiler tube?

Before utilizing, please make sure the swaged tube’s hardness is equal to that of the parent tubing. Please execute a heat treatment to decrease the toughness if it exceeds the parent tubing after the swaging procedure.
To ensure surface finish, VT or PT should be performed as well. If your swage machine is dependable, we may be allowed to waive this criterion.
The first roll should be an 8 by 10, and the last roll ought to be a 12. Reforge up to 15 if there is leaking.

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How do clean swaged boiler-generating tubes?

Every moment an edge is swaged on such an inverse-drawn swage, sponges are pushed through Swaged Tube to eliminate any extra oil. To eliminate any leftover grease and dirt, the pipes may require being steamed clean. Several Swaged Boiler Generating Tubes operators also cleaned their tubes by spraying them with a fire hose.
The operative cleaning agent that is most frequently employed is likely ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). The utilization of diammonium EDTA is essentially a common procedure for compelled boiler tubes.
The outside of pipe extremities must be cleaned, devoid of bristles, without chattering scars or perforations, and installed into the drum before the tubes are used.

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What is swaged tube annealing?

The process of Boiler Tube Swaging annealing involves heating the tube to a new heat before allowing it to gradually cool down. The primary procedure for treating pipes is undoubtedly tube annealing.
Following a tube annealing, the metal develops new toughness and elastomeric properties that fluctuate with heat and predetermined annealing times. Because of this, GAMMA 3 places a high priority on tube annealing.
Stress reduction, normalizing, hardness, and tempering are further heat treatments in addition to tube annealing. However, quenching is not feasible due to the need for increasingly higher burners and the annealing of tubes.

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What is the polishing process of swaged tubes in the boiler?

The fundamentals of polishing swage tubes in boilers are covered here.

  • Cleaning
    : Cleaning the material in advance to get rid of any dirt is crucial. Additionally, it renders polishing easier and more effective. Test any cleaning agents on a tiny area first to ensure they are suitable before applying them to your tube. After cleaning, take sure to completely dry your pipe.
  • Sanding:
    This is a vital step in the copper boiler tube swaging polishing process. The best results come from putting in the greatest effort and attention to achieve a noticeable gloss. You should use either 320-grit sandpaper or a lower grade.