Swing check valve

Swing check valve

What are swing check valves?

There are sometimes pipelines that have to allow the fluid to flow only in one direction. In fact, we have situations where we don’t want the flow to reverse and come back in the opposite direction. There are valves to facilitate the flow inside a line. There are a few types of valves that facilitate the flow in both directions, and some allow only a unidirectional flow. The Swing check valve is such a valve that allows the flow only in one direction. It has a swinging disc that is opened up by the incoming pressure and swings off the seat, and it closes down with pressure from the opposite direction.

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Where should a swing check valve be installed?

For operations where waste and slurry have to be transported in only one direction, the Swing valve is the best option. Because they can completely open up the pipeline and allow fluid flow at full capacity, and then stop the flow as the flow stops. The Horizontal swing check valve is the most common way of application. The valve varies in size and material make as the disc has to withstand the pressure, temperature, the fluid inside, and different other process parameters.

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Does a swing check valve have to be horizontal?

The valve itself has a swinging disc inside which is perpendicular to the flow direction. So if you install the Flapper check valve in a horizontal direction, then the swing disc hangs vertically inside the valve. If you install the valve vertically in a pipeline, then the swing disc inside is laying horizontally. In both configurations, the valve operates perfectly. However, the most common configuration is to fit the valve horizontally with the line. There are also 2 swing check valve types that use two swing discs instead of one to double-check the valve function.

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Do swing check valves leak?

Yes, when they are damaged or if slurry gets in the way of the disc, it damages. If the Industrial swing check valve is fully opened during the operation, it excerpts less pressure into the system and experiences less friction by the flow. If the disc floats halfway through the flow, then the friction is high and the disc starts to wear off. The Swing type check valve can also be clogged with slurry particles which can block the valve from closing completely. With continuous operations and sudden pressure drops, the water hammer effect can also cause the valve to fail and leak. For the valve to operate correctly, it has to have steady pressure during the flow. Lower pressure flows are one of the reasons for valve failure and leakage.

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Do swing check valves have cracking pressure?

In high-pressure applications, the pressure from the oncoming flow has to be higher than the reverse flow. To ensure this the Wafer swing check valve can have a spring-loaded disc swing that can operate under pressure and close with the force from the spring. To open the valve, the pressure in the pipe has to have higher pressure to push the spring and move the fluid through. The Swing flex check valve has the capacity to close down immediately when the pressure drops. This threshold pressure is known as the cracking pressure to crack open the valve.

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How much pressure does it take to open a swing check valve?

As the valves have to open and close with pressure, the cracking pressure is the limiting factor and defining factor at which pressure the Flanged swing check valve has to open. This pressure varies from valve to valve, fluid to fluid, and in the system of operation. Depending on the operation, the pressure can vary. The manufacturers of the valves always mention the cracking pressure for the opening and closing of the valves, and the pressure has to be considered to make sure that the valve operates correctly.